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Taking a Look at Skincare From Different Cultures

It does not matter where you live in the world, skincare is really important. You only get one chance to look after your skin and the sooner you start doing so the better. What does differ across the world is the way we choose to look after our skin; although many routines are now crossing borders thanks to the reach of the Internet.

We thought it would be interesting to take a look at skincare tips from around the world focussing on two of the most well-known international skincare routines; the Korean skincare routine and the Japanese skincare routine. Let’s start by taking a quick trip around the globe.

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International skincare tips

You may not necessarily want to adopt all the skincare tips we take a look at but it’s still interesting to take a look at how people around the world look after their skin. For instance, women in China value a pale look to the skin. This means that they invest a lot more time and effort in protecting their skin from the elements than they do in protecting it from wrinkles.

In France there is a love of the natural look and women tend to concentrate on ensuring their bare skin has a glowing appearance. Brazilian women adopt three strategies when it comes to looking after their skin; they ensure they have a healthy diet and that they exercise daily, in addition to adopting a regular skincare routine. Now let’s take a look at two international skincare routines that have taken the world by storm.

Korean skincare routine

The Korean 10 Step Skin Care Routine has become very popular internationally. As you can probably tell by the name, it’s not a quick, two-minute routine but it is guaranteed to help you look after your skin and keep it healthy. The routine takes you right through cleansing and toning to the use of serums and moisturisers. It also involves protecting your skin against the sun and the use of additional techniques such as the application of sleep masks.


Japanese skincare routine

Much like the Korean skincare routine, the Japanese routine is pretty lengthy, but again it’s worth the time you spend on it. One of the major concerns in this routine is making sure you thoroughly remove all make-up; there are four steps just dedicated to this aspect. The routine goes on to concentrate on aspects such as softening and toning. It also features additional measures such as applying face masks and getting a massage.

Not every international skincare tip is something you will want to adopt. Often it’s a good idea to take a look at the skincare techniques from around the world and pick out the ones that are best suited to your life and the condition and type of your skin. The most important thing is that you put a regular skincare routine in place to help keep your skin healthy and to keep it looking in good condition.

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