DSCENE Editorial Staff Reviews Orəbella Fragrances

Ôrəbella Fragrances by Bella Hadid: DSCENE Editorial Team’s Honest Review

Courtesy of Ôrəbella- DSCENE Editorial Staff Reviews Orəbella Fragrances

Ôrəbella, the fragrance line by Bella Hadid, promises to revolutionize the celebrity scent market by blending traditional elements with modern wellness trends. This debut collection, featuring gender-neutral scents BLOOMING FIRE, WINDOW2SOUL, and SALTED MUSE, stands out with its alcohol-free, essential oil-based formulas that cater to skin-friendly and sustainable product demands.


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The shake-to-activate formulas and the color-changing properties add an element of experimentation and visual appeal. These features, combined with the promise of skin-hydrating ingredients, set Ôrəbella apart. Each scent aims to enhance mood and well-being, making them more than perfumes.

The gender-neutral aspect of Ôrəbella’s scents is another standout feature. In a market often segmented by gender, Ôrəbella offers a refreshing take with its inclusive approach. Each fragrance is designed to appeal to a broad audience, allowing anyone to find a scent that resonates with them.

The DSCENE editorial staff had the opportunity to try these unique fragrances and share their personal favourite.

Courtesy of Ôrəbella


Anastasija Pavic, Editor

At first, the Blooming Fire scent evoked a sense of nostalgia, reminiscent of my grandmother’s favorite perfume with its warm notes. However, after shaking the bottle as recommended and applying the scent to my skin, it evolved into a more complex aroma. I love how it interacts with the skin, becoming softer over time and leaving luxurious powdery, bergamot notes lingering. Despite usually preferring fresh fragrances for summer, I was pleasantly surprised by the floral elements and layers of this scent. The oil-based formula is incredible, providing a silky finish that I really enjoy. Beyond the product itself, I appreciate the branding and the philosophy behind Ôrəbella, which definitely enhances overall experience.

Courtesy of Ôrəbella


Borislav Utjesinovic, Social Media Director

After testing all three scents, I was immediately drawn to Salted Muse. Right off the bat it gave me rich, earthy, nature vibes. Salted muse is a combination of all things I love: sea salt, pink pepper, olive tree accord and lavender. It’s clean and it’s fresh, like you are at the beach smelling ocean and behind you is a forest. I have a really sensitive skin and i easily get headaches and i didn’t have a problem with neither one of those, so it passed the test successfully. Because these are essential oils i was concern about spraying them on my clothes, but it didn’t stain. I could smell it throughout the whole day, as if it became a part of my aura. Also i fell like its a great base for mixing with other fragrances.

Courtesy of Ôrəbella


Pavle Banovic, Editor

The first thing I enjoyed about the Ôrəbella, even before trying the fragrance, is the cohesive concept behind it. Everything about it follows Bella’s story and vision, from the ingredients, production, packaging to the names and, lastly, the scent. It doesn’t feel like just another celebrity’s side project but rather something that is a true passion of hers, thoughtfully executed. I immediately chose the Window2Soul fragrance. I enjoy floral scents, but those that give the skin a gentle, natural smell rather than aggressive ones. Therefore, the jasmine and rose fit perfectly into my preferred palette. Using it is also a unique experience; I prefer using alcohol-free products on my skin, so an oil-based perfume felt much more comfortable and provided an overall self-nurturing experience.

With Ôrəbella, Hadid has set a new standard for celebrity fragrances. This line showcases her personal touch and passion for creating something unique and meaningful. The meticulous attention to detail in every aspect, from formulation to packaging, demonstrates that this is more than just a side project for her. Ôrəbella’s debut collection has impressed the DSCENE editorial staff with its thoughtful execution, distinctive features, and commitment to sustainability. Hadid’s vision and dedication shine through, making these fragrances a standout addition to the beauty industry.



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