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5 Ways to Jump Start Your Bridal Beauty Routine

If you’re getting married in the next year, you can be a more beautiful bride if you start making some changes to your beauty routine in the months ahead of the big day, rather than just going for hair, nails and makeup immediately before the wedding. Here are five ways to jump start your beauty regime. Get your bridesmaids to do these things with you to make them more fun and help them get a beauty boost too! Who knows, you may love the results so much you’ll keep up your new routine even after the honeymoon!


Wearing your engagement ring is going to make a lot of people take a good look at your hands, so if you’re not usually one for keeping your nails in perfect shape, now is a great time to start seeing a manicurist. You also have time to try out different wedding nails styles, like French manicures, coloured gel manicures, and different nail shapes. However, if you are considering getting false nails, for example acrylics, you’ll need to be aware that your nails will not be in good condition if the extensions are removed, so only get them if you want to commit to them until after your wedding.


If you prefer to be tanned, then start using a moisturiser with a hint of fake tan well in advance of the wedding. It can help you build up a nice base colour that you can then top up with salon bronzing treatments right before the wedding.

Tooth Whitening

You’re likely to be smiling a lot on the big day, so switch to a whitening toothpaste in the months before, and consider using home or salon whitening treatments to get an even brighter smile for your wedding photos!


If you currently do your own eyebrow plucking, why not try getting them professionally shaped at least once, to get a better idea of the ideal brow shape for your face. You can then maintain that shape at home if you don’t want to keep returning to the salon. Don’t try this less than a month before the wedding, however, so there’s time for brows to grow back if they take more off than you like.

Weight Training

Whether you are trying to lose weight or shape up before the wedding or not, add some weight training in, particularly for your arms. Most wedding dresses show off the arms and shoulders, and some muscle tone here makes a big difference, even on slim women. Don’t worry about bulking up – women have very low testosterone which means those female bodybuilders with the bulky biceps have to work very hard to get them. With ordinary strength training you’ll just achieve a lean, bingo wing free look!

These are all things you can do that will make your actual bridal look easier to achieve on the day. If you need help finding great bridal beauty services at a good price, you can also check out – a fantastic resource for all aspects of your wedding.


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