Beauty Solutions For The Top 3 Problems Women Have

Being women is great, but managing to always look stunning can be hard work. From unruly eyebrows to skin damage and unwanted hair, common beauty problems don’t have to turn into complete disasters.

We bring you a list of the top 3 beauty problems and what you can do  to get rid of them:
Unruly eyebrows

If you’re sick of waxing, tweezing and tinting, consider a permanent transformation for your brow. Cosmetic tattooing is long lasting and means you won’t have to pencil in your brows ever again! In addition to filling in spots with sparser hair growth, you can also define the shape of the eyebrow and add colour. For completely maintenance free, undergo laser hair removal to permanently remove stray hairs leaving only the ones you want to work with. If you’re nervous about face tattooing, start with the lightest, most natural colour which you can darken with pencil or shadow at will when you want a more made up look.

Skin Damage

Limiting the aging process is another beauty concern that women of many ages share. Aside from genetics, the main culprit that causes wrinkles, spots and damage to the epidermal layer is the sun. To protect against sun damage seek shade in hours of extreme sun and use hats, sunglasses and layers to cover your body when you’re out in it. Applying sunscreen is also essential and many women will opt for a SPF moisturiser or foundation for daily use that offers protection for the more delicate facial area. Find sunscreen that targets UVA and UVB rays as well as having an SPF factor of at least 30+. Don’t forget to reapply, and do so more regularly if you’re in the water or sweating for the best protection. In short if you slip, slop, slap, you’ll prevent your skin from sunburn and potential skin cancers.

To protect from the inside, keep your body and skin hydrated by consuming enough water, getting enough sleep and reduce the sugar in your diet as that has also been linked to aging.

Unwanted hair

Over a lifetime, women spend hours upon hours removing unwanted body hair from various areas of their body. Shaving and waxing will often result in skin irritations such as ingrown hairs, redness or sensitivity, only to have hair grow back all too soon. Of the permanent hair removal options available, many women turn to IPL or laser removal to reduce or permanently eliminate hair.

To get the best results from treatments undergo several rounds of treatments in order to eliminate hair as it grows in different cycles.It is also essential to receive hair removal treatments from a reputable clinic with properly trained professionals that use medical grade equipment. After your treatment,limit UV exposure and avoid overheating your skin, so stay away from spas, saunas and cardio intensive exercise which can open the pores further and increase potential for infection due to surface bacteria.

If you’re comparing health insurance funds to see whether your fund will cover procedures such as laser hair removal or cosmetic tattooing, unfortunately they attract no Medicare rebate,so nor will private health. The same applies for procedures such as labiaplasty and liposuction. Therefore, it’s better to invest in higher quality beauty treatments that you perform less regularly to save money in the long run.

Images by Marina Dean-Francis for Beauty SCENE

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