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The Struggles of Being a Beautician

There are many things that beauticians can relate to when it comes to day to day life. There is a connection and mutual understanding that only true beauticians know.

People Misunderstand What You Do

You constantly get the feeling that everyone assumes all you do is paint nails for a living. They don’t fully understand the level of schooling and science comprehension that goes into your job. They often consider it something they could easily do if they just attempted it. These people have no clue what you’ve been through to fully comprehend your job and to be excellent at it. If they knew the challenges, then they wouldn’t feel quite the same way.

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You Are Immune to Stench

Your nose has grown rather strong from being around such powerful smells on a daily basis. Whether it be acetone or the smell of a fake tan, you no longer really know what these things smell like. You’ve built up quite the tolerance to overpowering scents, and most people don’t understand your immunity. Your lack of sense of smell is almost like a superpower at this point.

It’s Actually Kind of Painful

Most people don’t realise the physical labour that goes into this job. You are constantly having to stand in awkward and uncomfortable positions while tending to your clients. Between the constant waxing and the long hours standing on your feet, you become truly worn out and exhausted by the end of the day.

Wax Gets Everywhere

Wax is literally one of the most frustrating things as a beautician. You’ve probably had to cancel plans because of the wax mess that gets into the oddest places possible. It is one of the biggest annoyances that most people just do not understand. If they haven’t experienced it, then they will never know the struggle.


You Have to Have Superb People Skills

Much like a bartender, you have become a counsellor without actually having that degree. You start by asking people about their day, and it turns into them unloading all their emotional struggles onto you. You are the person they come to when they need to vent about theirproblems. You are more than just a beautician; you are most definitely a therapist.

Here’s Some Free Advice

Throw a party for your other beautician and hair stylist friends. Get together with some like-minded people and play a few fun games. You can even check out hair and beauty bingo as a fun little game to play with your stylist friends. It’s a cute little card of familiar reactions that you have come across almost every day.

There are so many fun party activities that you can play with your other beautician friends that can keep you all laughing and entertained. Work can be stressful, and you need to be able to spend some time with people who understand you on a deeper level. Have a fun little get together and enjoy each other’s company.

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