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Hanni from NewJeans Named Global Ambassador for Gucci Beauty

Hanni’s Journey to Global Ambassadorship

Courtesy of Gucci Beauty

Hanni from NewJeans, the multifaceted talent hailing from Melbourne,  Australia, has ascended to new heights in her career trajectory. Since 2022, she has been gracing the stages of high fashion as a representative of Gucci, captivating audiences with her charisma and style. Now, in a significant development, Hanni has been appointed as the Global Brand Ambassador for Gucci Beauty, marking a profound evolution in her collaboration with the esteemed fashion house.



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Her journey to becoming a global brand ambassador is a testament to her versatile abilities and global appeal. With her roots deeply embedded in the culture of K-pop, Hanni represents a new wave of influencers transcending boundaries in the fashion and entertainment industries. Her presence at the 2024 Milan Fashion Week, particularly at the Gucci show, garnered widespread acclaim, affirming her position as a trendsetter in the global fashion scene.

Guided by creative visionaries like Sabato De Sarno and Riccardo Zanola, and skillfully captured by acclaimed photographer and director Lee Jaedon, her enchanting depiction of the Rouge à Lèvres Mat lipstick 509 ‘Rosso Ancora’ perfectly  epitomizes the timeless appeal of Gucci’s signature red shade. With her mastery of languages including Vietnamese, English, and Korean, Hanni bridges cultures and connects with diverse audiences, further amplifying the global reach of Gucci Beauty.

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