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Guide to the Latest Cellulite Treatment for Removing Cellulite Fat

Cellulite Treatment
Cellulite is a type of artificial fat commonly found in the thigh, stomach and hip areas. Areas of the body that store cellulite fat tend to look like cottage cheese. Cellulite obesity is more likely to happen to women compared to men. It is estimated that 8 out of 10 women suffer from cellulite obesity. If you found yourself to have a lot of cellulite fat, you don’t have to fret because you can rely on new technology to remove them.

VelaShape is a cellulite treatment that uses a mix of radio frequency wave and infrared light to target on the cellulite tissues. It uses 50 watts of energy instead of 20 watts of energy in the traditional treatment. It uses the electrical optical synergy that can slowly tear down the cellulite fat in the connective tissue. VelaShape is recommended for patients that weigh up to 50 pounds. Patients will undergo 4 sessions with one session every week.

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There was a study conducted on VelaShape with 35 females taking part in it. Each of the participant undergo 2 sessions of treatments per week. By 8 weeks, one hundred percent of the participants have significantly reduce the amount of cellulite on the leg.

During the treatment, the doctor will apply a handheld massager with rollers on the treated area. The VelaShape handheld massager works just like a clothes iron. The rollers ensures that the radio frequency waves are evenly distributed. The treated area will have a bit inflammation following the treatment for about 3 hours following the 20 minutes treatment.

Cellulite Treatment

UltraShape is a FDA cleared body contouring technology used in removing fat in areas such as stomach, hip and thigh. The handheld body contouring device uses ultrasound technology to remove the fat in the treated area. The cellulite treatment does not cause any side effect like swelling on the surrounding tissue. The doctor will not have to administer any anesthesia since there is no pain following the treatment. The pulses that you feel from the Ultra Shape hand device is similar to the vibrations that are felt when the cell phone is ringing.

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The fat cells that have been broken down will be transferred to the liver and eliminated through the bowel system. The average time it takes to undergo the treatment is about 45 minutes to 1 hour. The entire procedure is painless and it won’t show any negative symptom. The fat loss result can be seen within a period of 2 weeks following the treatment. This is much faster compared to traditional treatment method where you have to wait for 5 – 6 months to see result. Many people who have undergone the UltraShape cellulite treatment claim to have lost 2.5 inches of fat after undergoing the treatment for 3 times.

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