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How the face ages and what to do about it?

Whenever you do anything with your facial muscles like laughing, frowning or smiling, wrinkles are caused due to underlying contraction of muscles. After years of frowning, smiling and laughing or giving any other expression, wear and tear on cheeks become noticeable and thus the lines become permanent. Well, age can impact the human bodyseverely requiring external care and treatment. As wisdom, accomplishment, experience comes with age, so does the changes in outward appearance. With time, your face starts aging.

Botulinum toxin injections or Botox injections can treat fine lines on the forehead and between your brows. They function by immobilizing the muscles forming expression lines and so the skin tends to become smooth.

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Signs of aging face

Changes in the face can mostly be noticed at the forefront. When the years add up, dozens of changes are noticed like expansion of the forehead with the retreat of the hairline, an increase in the length of the ear due to the growth of cartilage, drooping of the tip of the nose and many such. Structural rearrangements also goon behind the scene. When one is young, fat is distributed evenly on the face. If you want to check the detailed information about how the face ages, you can check this “how the face ages graphic”.

When you age, the fat loses its volume to clump up and shift downwards, making the areas of the face sunken. Tight skin becomes loose and saggy. This is where the role of Botox treatment comes in. When Botox is injected in the face, it paralyses the facial muscles temporarily and stops the aging process for a certain amount of time. However, you are required to repeat the Botox doses after a specific time period to maintain its impact on the face.

Look for trained cosmetologists

Choose a cosmetologist who has acquired hands on Botox injection training to help avoid the pitfalls associated with Botox. He/she must have completed the course and acquired certification of training to offer procedures like crows feet, lip lines, frown lines, chin dimpling, and forehead lines. With theBotox treatment, anyone can look younger and more beautiful. Botox significantly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and that’s how you look younger. One of the top recommended centers is the Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center – BHRC, where you can actually schedule a free consultancy appointment.

The cost of Botox treatment

Botox treatment is not cheap at all. It is better to enquire about the Botox treatment cost from your cosmetologist. However, the average cost of one Botox injection in the US can be $500. Again the cost is dependent on what areas of the face need Botox injection. The eye area may cost up to $800-1000 per injection.

Looking younger with the proven beauty tips

Not everyone can afford Botox treatment. Thus, follow the tips below to give your face youthful appearance:

To stay youthful, use sun protection. Save your skin from UVA light spectrum by applying good quality sunscreen.
To make wrinkles less noticeable, use lotions and creams. Comprising of water, moisturizers can make the face less greasy.
Dermal filler can effectively treat fine lines created due to the lost fat.
You can use laser treatment at home.

Regular use of skin care products and essential oil can reverse the aging process to make you look younger. Improve your skin nutrition and skin hydration to appear younger.



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