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How To Combine a Vacation with Breast Augmentation Surgery

For most of us, money is not an endless commodity and we have to budget carefully to achieve the things we want. Sometimes, we may have to forego one thing in order to pay for another as it’s not always possible to do both.

However, sometimes we can have our cake and eat it too, as is the case with breast augmentation in Mexico.

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Big Savings on Breast Augmentation in Mexico

Americans, Canadians and other Westerners can save over 60% by heading to Mexico for their surgery rather than staying at home – and enjoy a vacation at the same time. Average breast augmentation prices in Mexico are around US $4,000 (Canada $4,400) compared to US $11,800 (Canada $15,900), leaving more than enough to pay for the expenses associated with a holiday.

The Pursuit of Beauty

The pursuit of beauty is not a new phenomenon, and neither is medical tourism, where people have crossed borders for medical treatment that was unavailable in their own country. Modern-day medical tourism still includes this aspect of the sector, but cosmetic surgery is one – if not the – most popular form of treatment for international patients. It is often the lower prices that first attract medical tourists to other countries, but the quality and standard of care is also high up on the list of priorities.

Quality of Healthcare Facilities in Mexico

Mexico has become a go-to destination for medical travelers. In part, it’s because there is a wide variety of locations throughout the country, but also, facilities catering to medical tourists tend to be state-of-the-art and offer an exceptionally good experience, as well as value-for-money.

Many of Mexico’s surgeons are highly-skilled, well-qualified and often go the extra mile to demonstrate they are trustworthy. Dr Martha Panama of Panama Plastic Surgery in Cancun is a case in point, being a member of two of the most important associations in the field of plastic surgery – The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) and the International Association of Plastic Surgery (ISAPS).

Mexico’s medical tourism sector is popular because, in the main, it provides reliable services by trustworthy facilities intent on building and maintaining their good reputations.

Vacation locations in Mexico for a Breast Augmentation

Mexico has a myriad of vacation locations for medical tourists to enjoy pre-surgery leisure time and post-surgery relaxation. It must be remembered that after surgery is recovery time, so sandy beaches and anything but gentle activities should be avoided until your wounds have healed. However, many of Mexico’s ‘beach’ resorts have a lot more to offer than just beaches, so you’ll find other things to occupy yourself – or if you do just want to lie out in the sun and read a book then be sure to book in at a hotel that offers those facilities.

• Cancun
The most popular location for tourists in Mexico is Cancun. Situated on the northeast coast of the Yucatan Peninsula it is renowned for its beaches and exclusive resorts. There is a lot to do in the wider Quintana Roo, including Maya ruins and the national bird park of Isla Contoy, or in town you can go shopping or wine and dine at Xochimilco’s gondola-like boats. Popular plastic surgeon, Dr Rafael Velasco Marin is based here.

• Playa del Carmen
A little further round the coast from Cancun is Playa del Carmen, a growing destination where Clinica Ambar is a good choice for breast augmentation.

• Puerto Vallarta
Over on the Pacific Coast, Puerto Vallarta overlooks the Bay of Banderas, so you can get your beach-fix in before surgery. Post-surgery, the town’s artsy vibe and cobblestoned streets provide a relaxing ambiance to ease your recovery. Look up Dr Luis Hector Torrez Lopez if PV seems like the place for you.

Affordable beauty is within everyone’s reach now the world is a smaller place. Heading abroad for surgery isn’t the scary prospect it once was and if you are considering a breast augmentation in Mexico, the country has a great choice of locations to suit all tastes.

Images: Ava by Eliza Stegienka for BEAUTY SCENE

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