Starting a Mobile Massage Therapy Business

Massage therapy business is now easier to set up online than with brick and mortar storefront – here are some useful tips:

Starting a Mobile Massage Therapy Business

If you love working with the public and have a passion for helping people just feel good, a career in massage therapy may be the perfect fit. Before you quit your day job, here’s a list of the requirements and necessities you’ll need to get started.


You only need a high-school diploma to sign up for massage therapy classes. Generally, you will need to complete anywhere from 330 hours to up to 1,000 hours of training and class time prior to acquiring a license by the state. This translates into a year or two of schooling. Additionally, you will need to pass a massage therapy examination by the state prior to the issuing of your license.

Money in the Bank

As with any startup, there are many costs involved such as those for your license, insurance, equipment, and supplies. Compared to other startup businesses, a mobile massage therapy business is relatively inexpensive since you won’t have a storefront which helps to drastically reduce your overhead. However, no business is without risk. Having savings that will cover at least three months of your household bills and business expenses will allow you to ease into your new career while building a solid reputation.

Starting a Mobile Massage Therapy Business

Equipment and Supplies

Initially, you’ll want to have a decent portable massage table and a massage chair that is portable. You’ll also need essential supplies which can include fresh linens, a pillow, towels, oils, creams, lotions, and stones. To create a soothing environment to help induce relaxation, many massage therapists also have scented candles and use CD players to add soft music. Additionally, having a rolling cart or a luggage cart specifically designed for mobile use will allow you to transport your supplies from one location to another easily.

Types of Massage Equipment

When you look up massage tables and mobile chairs, there’s an impressive collection. However, as a first-time business owner, the search for the perfect equipment as a massage therapist can become overwhelming. It’s important to do your research and then find something in the middle ground, cost-wise, until you become established and develop a following of clients. Once you reach that level you can upgrade to equipment with additional features.

Starting a Mobile Massage Therapy Business

Marketing Made Inexpensively

The most difficult part of owning any new business is bringing in sales. One way to reduce the lag time is to visit a massage therapist or pay for one yourself to gain valuable insight with regard to techniques and how they perform their sessions. In the meantime, you can set up your website and place ads on a few social media sites to help get your business name out there. You can also use old school approaches such as distributing fliers or acquiring a booth at a trade show or local fair.


In order to create a competitive price list you’ll need to decide on what services you want to provide and the market you want to target. For example, are you looking to provide massages for executives on the job, set up shop at the mall, or are you going to go to individual residences? Or maybe you’re looking to do a little bit each? Many massage therapists make a living through repeat business. They have clients who they see every couple of weeks or at least once monthly. It’s recommended that you set up pricing that includes the initial visit and then a discount package for signing up for monthly services. Visiting an average facility or calling around will also help you figure out how to price your own services.

Starting a mobile massage therapy business is a wonderful career for anyone who likes to help people achieve overall wellness. Find the right massage table, massage chair, and essential supplies and then create a fun and informative website to engage customers.

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