Dior’s Iconic Miss Dior Gets a Modern Makeover

From Iconic Origins to Contemporary Sensibilities

Courtesy of Dior

In the world of fragrances, few scents hold the iconic status of Miss Dior. For over seven decades, it has been the olfactory embodiment of elegance and sophistication, capturing the essence of femininity with each spritz. Now, courtesy of Francis Kurkdjian, Dior’s esteemed perfume creation director, Miss Dior is presenting a bold new scent that redefines modern appeal.



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To celebrate the launch of the new Miss Dior Parfum by Francis Kurkdjian, Dior hosted an immersive pop-up boutique in Los Angeles, drawing in A-list celebrities and influencers alike. With surprise musical performances and star-studded appearances, the event was a fitting tribute to a fragrance that continues to captivate and inspire with each new iteration.

Lucy Hale at Miss Dior Pop-up event, Los Angeles
Banks at Miss Dior Pop-up event, Los Angeles

Originally launched in 1947 alongside Christian Dior‘s revolutionary New Look, Miss Dior was a fragrance ahead of its time, mirroring the optimism and romance of post-war society. Inspired by Catherine Dior, the designer’s courageous sister who played a pivotal role in France’s wartime resistance efforts, the scent exuded confidence and defiance, much like its muse.

Fast forward to today, and Miss Dior is undergoing a transformation that stays true to its storied heritage while embracing the spirit of contemporary sensibilities. Kurkdjian’s vision for the fragrance is one of depth and modernity, amplifying its floral and woody notes while infusing it with a vibrant fruitiness that captivates the senses. The result is a scent that blends the classic elegance of the original with a fresh, contemporary twist. Wild strawberries and peach dance atop jasmine heart notes, culminating in a mossy, patchouli base.

Courtesy of Dior

As Miss Dior evolves with the times, it remains an enduring symbol of elegance and sophistication—a timeless fragrance for the modern woman. With Kurkdjian at the helm, its legacy is in good hands, ensuring that it continues to captivate hearts and minds for generations to come.

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