6 Secrets To Making Your First Designer Purchase

To get the most out of your first purchase, take into account some of the tips below:

Caroline Vreeland

If you love trendy and stylish designs, you ought to value the worth of your purchase. Especially for your first designer purchase, it’s essential to take note of key factors. For instance, your purchase should be trendy enough that you’ll step out and look the part. You can choose to go for clothes, shoes, and bags, among other accessories such as jewelry or belts. The list of items you can include in your designer collage varies depending on your tastes and preferences.

With designer purchases, you must make a concise and wise decision. With that in mind, consider some of the secrets below to get the most out of your first purchase:

  1. Know Where To Buy

Knowing where to buy your designer accessories is essential. There are several stores and outlets where you can make purchases. For instance, boutiques and clothing stores typically stock designer items. However, it’s best to have one or two favorites where you shop. This way, you eliminate the risk of buying counterfeits. You can also get purchase discounts if you become a frequent buyer.

The beauty of finding a specific place to buy your designer items is that you can try them before purchasing. This way, you can be sure the item fits perfectly. Additionally, most boutiques have fashionable stylists who can provide insights on how to dress your designer items.

Therefore, the first thing to do should be to get a legit place to make your purchases. You may want to try here for top-of-the-line designer purchases.

Caroline Vreeland

  1. Set A Budget

To make the purchase, you must have a given price range in mind. Note that most designer items are expensive. There’s usually no limit to what designer accessories can cost. Prices vary depending on the material, color, size, and brand. Thus, setting a price cap is essential when buying a designer fashion item.

While coming up with a budget, it’s best to list the items according to your preferences. This way, you’ll buy the designer items you consider most appropriate. For instance, if you need a bag and shoes, you should weigh your options and decide on the most appropriate one if your finances aren’t adequate for both.

  1. Choose A Renowned Brand

When buying designer items, it’d be best to stick with renowned brands. One thing that tops most celebrity designers’ purchases is jewelry and accessories. When buying them, the brand helps in telling them apart. You should go for a trendy brand if you want to make a fashion statement.

It’s usually the first thing people will notice about your designer purchase. People tend to associate certain brands with opulence. And if you do so, they’ll automatically hold you in high esteem. Just make sure to look at the logos and symbols extra carefully. There is no denying that the market is infested with numerous counterfeits for every genuine brand.

Caroline Vreeland

  1. Opt For Timeless Designs

When it comes to designer purchases, detail and style are key. It’s best to go for classy and valuable designs rather than trendy ones. For instance, a vintage handbag may cost you more, but it’ll be in style for quite some time. Generally, old-time, classy designs and styles stand the test of time, unlike new arrivals, which quickly go out of fashion.

  1. Consider The Resale Value

Perfectly made designer purchases are highly durable and can withstand wear and tear. The good news is that you can resell them later if they’re in good condition instead of discarding them. Therefore, when choosing the item, you should consider its resale value. Consider the designer purchasing an investment. You can still benefit from its sale once you grow tired of it.

  1. Beware Of Fakes

Note that several counterfeit products are designed as imitations of trendy fashion accessories. It means you should be careful when buying designer items. Know how to tell fakes from originals. Take your time to observe the marks and designs on every item. Be a bit thorough with the scrutiny because designers of counterfeit items know how to closely imitate the originals such that it’s hard to tell the differences. The best thing about trendy designs is that most designers have websites that you can check to confirm that you’re not getting conned.

Caroline Vreeland


Buying your first designer accessory is exciting. However, if you’re not careful with the process, you’ll lose money or buy fakes. Tone down the euphoria and carefully analyze every item before purchasing. Remember, it’s best to buy from renowned stores and boutiques that stock premium quality items. It saves you the pain of telling whether a given item is original or fake.

Images from Caroline Vreeland Cover Story for DSCENE Magazine #10 – See the full story here

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