From Corsets to Cargos: 7 Noughties Fashion Trends Coming Back

Noughties fashion trends are redefining our style today – here are 7 come back moments investigated by our fashion editors:

Photo ©Nikolas-Petros Androbik for DSCENE

Fashion comes in cycles, everyone knows that. Fads from years ago can circle back around in an instant due to social media. Celebrities like the Kardashians and the Hadids can wear just about anything and fast fashion will jump on it, redesigning them and making them available to the public. One of the latest fads to circle the wagon is the ‘noughties’ fashion trends. The early 2000s were full of some questionable fashion choices with excessive accessories, layering three or four pieces of clothing, and some questionable low-rise trousers.

Here are seven of the most appealing noughties fashion trends at the moment.

Juicy Couture Velour-tracksuits

Probably one of the most iconic fashion pieces of the early 2000s, Juicy Couture velour tracksuits are everywhere. The signature hot pink velour can be found every day, with ‘JUICY’ bedazzled across the backside, in your local store, coffee shop or passing by you on the street. The low-rise tracksuit is on-par with the recent resurgence of low-rise jeans and trousers, and the matching jacket accentuates the low-rise trousers.

Slip Dresses

A slip dress can be one of the most flattering dresses anyone can wear. Originally used as an undergarment to prevent friction between clothing and the body, the slip dress has become a night-out staple. With its light fabric and airy design, it clings to curves and accentuates one’s natural body shape. Slip dresses characteristically have small, ‘spaghetti’ straps and are cut off at the mid-thigh. Definitely, a noughties fashion trend we can get behind.

Photo ©Nikolas-Petros Androbik for DSCENE

Tattoo Chokers

Having made an original resurgence in the 2014-2015 fashion era for young teens that were influenced by websites like Tumblr. and WeHeartIt, tattoo chokers are back again. With its lightweight, plastic design, it can be comfortable to wear compared to other, more constrictive chokers. Found mainly in the grunge and alternative side of fashion, the tattoo choker is a simple accessory that adds to any outfit.


One of the most comfortable pieces of clothing on the market, cargo trousers are here to stay. Originally made for military personnel and rough terrain, cargo pants are characterised by their baggy style and massive amounts of pockets. Cargo trousers can either be cuffed at the ankle or unhemmed. Cargo trousers became a massive noughties fashion trend due to their endless appearances on celebrities walking the red carpet like Beyoncé, Christina Aguilera, and Britney Spears.

Micro bags

A staple that you will see every day, multiple times a day. Probably the most popular noughties fashion trends, micro-bags can be seen on any Instagram influencer on your feed. Their long straps are made to fit over the shoulder, and their tiny bags can hold lip gloss, a phone and maybe some cash. While they’re not the most logical piece of fashion, they sure are cute. Try pairing them with a pair of sunglasses so you can see well in the summer sun.

Photo ©Nikolas-Petros Androbik for DSCENE


Corsets, which are often paired with other noughties fashion trends like microskirts and sandal heels, are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing on the market. Because of the corset’s ability to improve any outfit, whether it be layered over a white button down, or just by itself, the corset is a staple in any wardrobe. Corsets can be made of lace, leather, suede, satin, cotton, or mesh… the possibilities are endless. Wanna end a little edge to your dinner outfit? Throw on a leather corset over your white button-down and black slacks. Or try wearing it by itself with a microskirt and some heels.


As mentioned moments ago, miniskirts/microskirts are making a hard comeback. Again, due to celebrity influence and social media, it wasn’t long before one or two celebs wore a microskirt and had the entire fashion world wearing micro skirts the next week. Known for their incredibly short length, microskirts/miniskirts tend to have a low rise as well, to adhere to the noughties fashion trends. Pair this with a spaghetti strap top and a micro bag, and you’ll be looking like you just stepped off the red carpet in 2003.

With the resurgence of the noughties fashion trends, there are so many more trends than the seven mentioned. Long scarves, handkerchief dresses, oversized sunglasses… try any of the styles mentioned above with your regular wardrobe. Even as we get older, at least wearing noughties fashion trends can bring us back to an easier time.

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