6 Stylish Eyewear for Men to Consider in 2022

Read on to learn everything you need to know about men’s eyewear trends in 2022, from popular clear frame models to traditional square eyeglasses.

6 Stylish Eyewear for Men to Consider in 2022
Brazilian top model Jhona Burjack by Fashion photographer Igor Cvoro for DSCENE Magazine Issue 09

Investing in a good pair of eyeglasses can help you look more thoughtful, fashionable, and sophisticated. Optical lenses will provide you with the look that you’re constantly looking for, whether you wish to be like your favorite artist or not. Although the tendencies are changing from time to time, there are some stylish eyewear options to help you make the best decision for you.

Basic Black Glasses

Black is fashionably no water time. It is a color that flatters everyone, regardless of gender, age, or skin tone. Accordingly, any other color, pattern, or just style looks perfect with black. These factors kindly show that black will continue to be a popular option for purchasing glasses in 2022. Around 1950s, black eyeglass frames started to become stylish, and many famous designers paid much attention to forming people’s styling. Designer eyeglasses frames online remain popular for enhancing facial features or helping people be representable for specific purposes. Also, they are lightweight because they are frequently constructed of strong and light materials at the same time, like acetate and plastic. Those glasses can never be outdated for men, sharpening their brows, drawing attention to their eyes, and uniquely expressing their personality.

Brow-line Glasses

The “bold” upper portion of browline spectacles, which holds the lenses, is designed to resemble the eyebrows that frame the eyes. That eyewear gained popularity in the 1940s in the USA when The Ronsir brand Shuron Ltd originally produced the glasses. It’s the perfect frame for men to highlight their eyes because the prominent top rims bring attention to your brow line. These glasses are meant to look large but not heavy and have a top made of plastic or acetate. A thin wireframe is frequently used as the bottom rim to hold the lenses in place. Unlike bulky models that fall off your face, browline glasses won’t hinder your line of sight. Also, browline eyewear is wonderful for men with narrow foreheads since it makes them appear broader and more balanced.

Eco-friendly specs

Everyone appears to be talking about sustainability in a society that we still feel after the outbreak in 2020. It’s undeniable that the world of glasses has been influenced by this eco-friendly tendency to move toward sustainable materials, which is expected to spread throughout the sector. The majority of eyewear is created from dangerous materials like plastic, metal, or polycarbonate. While those materials break down, they release carcinogens. These generated compounds are damaging to the skin and eyes. They are more skin-friendly and hypoallergenic than plastic and inexpensive metal eyewear because the majority of eco-friendly glasses are created from natural and sustainable materials.

Some claim that compared to non-sustainable sunglasses, environmentally friendly sunglasses are relatively expensive. The trade-off is that you will get a pair of high-quality, long-lasting sunglasses. You won’t need to replace your eco-friendly sunglasses frequently, saving you a ton of money over time. Also, You may lessen glare and prevent digital eye strain by investing in eco-friendly blue light sunglasses. Also, these sunglasses contain a blue light filter that keeps your eyes from coming into direct contact with the blue light coming from your cellphones and other digital gadgets. Thus, the ecology and nature are significantly protected when you choose eco-friendly sunglasses over ones made of dangerous materials like plastic. By choosing eco-friendly eyewear, you help protect the environment for both yourself and future generations, creating a fashionable style at the same time.

Brazilian top model Jhona Burjack by Fashion photographer Igor Cvoro for DSCENE Magazine Issue 09

Oversized Eyeglasses

The way the frames communicate a person’s eyes substantially affects how they appear when wearing glasses. Our eyes are our most significant facial features because they are often referred to as the “windows to the soul.” They reflect our emotions, enhance our grins, and trigger interest in us. Large frames have a way of centering the eyes, enhancing the symmetry of your features, and bringing out the color of your irises. This makes you stand out from the crowd and gives your appearance a hint of mystery. In terms of attention-grabbing appearance, oversized eyeglasses also convey sophistication and intelligence. Unlike the rest of your ensemble, a straightforward pair of eyeglasses may always reflect originality.

Vintage Gold frames

The term “vintage eyeglasses” describes a variety of eyewear designs that were fashionable in the past, have gained appeal again in recent years, and continue to be stylish for men. Cat eyes, wayfarers, and other frames are a few of the dozens of popular types in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. While some of these trends did not last very long, others persisted for several years and into the transitional decades. Since the invention of glasses more than three centuries ago, they have seen a significant evolution, and every decade since has seen a considerable change in the style of vintage eyeglasses. Their popularity comes from the art and literary crowd, reflecting the influential aspects of modernity.

Clear Frames

Another choice for creating a statement with your eyeglasses is clear frames. Although clear frames have been around for a long, their popularity has just recently begun to rise. Clear frames, sometimes referred to as translucent or colorless frames, are fantastic for both men and women, offering a playful touch of elegance to your appearance. They are pretty simple to wear, which is why they are so popular. They look fabulous on all facial shapes and practically any complexion.


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