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Carolina Herrera CH Grand Tour

Carolina Herrera CH Grand Tour (4)

Carolina Herrera has launched two new limited editions of the original CH (2007) and CH Men (2009) fragrances – CH Grand Tour and CH Men Grand Tour . The Grand Tour scents were inspired by luxury train travel.

CH Grand Tour

Carolina Herrera CH Grand Tour (1)

“The feminine fragrance hits you with a scent of Brazilian citrus fruit: orange, lemon and grapefruit provide the first freshness on this trip. A delicious new aroma arises when adding the elegant and velvety iris flower to the mixture. The fragrance continues with the addition of the characteristic orange blossom. A touch of dulce de leche from Argentina adds a sweet and delicious aroma as a finishing touch for the fragrance. The original red leather bottle is replaced by exotic pink ostrich leather casing. The charms and finishes have been updated: from the original silver to gold with new charms added in the form of a train and hatter.”

CH Men Grand Tour

Carolina Herrera CH Grand Tour (2)

“The male version opens with a profusion of vibrant incense enhanced by a mix of Yerba Maté typical of Argentina. The suede leather adds that sensual and enveloping touch that characterises the fragrance. Deep woody tones of mahogany provide the final touch of masculinity to the fragrance. Its black crocodile skin bottle finished in two bands of colour are reminiscent of old suitcases.”

Carolina Herrera CH Grand Tour (3)

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