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Charlotte Tilbury’s New Fragrance Line: A Journey of Emotion

Discover Six Scents Designed to Evoke Seduction, Love, Joy, Vitality, Serenity, and Confidence

Courtesy of Charlotte Tilbury, Charlotte Tilbury’s New Fragrance Line: A Journey of Emotion

Charlotte Tilbury, the renowned beauty mogul, is stepping into the world of fragrance, expanding her empire with a debut perfume line. This collection is not just about smelling good; it’s about evoking specific emotions through scent. With six carefully crafted fragrances, Tilbury promises to transport wearers into experiences of sexiness, love, happiness, energy, calm, and empowerment.


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Tilbury’s approach to fragrance is nothing short of innovative. Collaborating with master perfumers and utilizing cutting-edge technology like the IFF’s Scentcube, she delves into the science of scent and emotion. Through rigorous testing and analysis, the team identifies ingredients that trigger specific emotional responses in the wearer. It’s a fusion of art and science, where each scent becomes a carefully curated symphony of ingredients designed to evoke a particular feeling.

Courtesy of Charlotte Tilbury

The pricing strategy reflects Tilbury’s commitment to accessibility, offering options ranging from affordable 10mL bottles to luxurious 100mL ones. Clinical trials have purportedly shown impressive results, with the majority of participants reporting enhanced feelings after using the fragrances. According to Céline Manetta of IFF, the magic of these scents is immediate, with wearers feeling their effects right after application.

Courtesy of Charlotte Tilbury

Each fragrance in the lineup tells a unique story of emotion. From the seductive appeal of More Sex to the empowering confidence of Cosmic Power, Tilbury’s fragrances are designed to resonate with different aspects of the human experience. Love Frequency, Joyphoria, Magic Energy, and Calm Bliss complete the collection, each offering a distinct olfactory journey.

Courtesy of Charlotte Tilbury

Behind every scent is Charlotte Tilbury’s vision of emotional connection and magic. Inspired by her own experiences and desires, each fragrance is crafted to resonate with wearers on a deeply personal level. As the fragrances prepare to launch on the Charlotte Tilbury app and website, anticipation is high. With promises of emotion-boosting magic in every bottle, it’s no wonder that fans are eager to get their hands on these transformative scents.

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