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H&M Beauty Presents the Est. 1947 Fragrance Collection

Find Your Fragrance Identity With Est. 1947 Collection by H&M Beauty

Courtesy of H&M Beauty- Est. 1947 Fragrance Collection

Discover the essence of self-expression with H&M Beauty’s latest fragrance collection, Est. 1947, designed to ignite the inner spark of every individual. Crafted under the expert guidance of Mirja Kjellberg, Global Head of private label at H&M Beauty, these scents are a celebration of boldness, romance, and adventure. The collection’s name pays homage to the heritage of H&M, offering an affordable yet luxurious fragrance experience that perfectly complements any curated fashion look. Conceptualized in Sweden and developed in Paris, each fragrance embodies the artistry of perfumery inspired by the rich heritage of Grasse, France.


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Courtesy of H&M Beauty

Crafted with a commitment to sustainability, the vegan fragrances in the Est. 1947 collection are thoughtfully conceptualized with up-cycled ingredients, ensuring a blend of creativity and technology.  With the exclusive collaboration of DSM–Firmenich, renowned for its innovative and award-winning fragrances, H&M Beauty presents a portfolio that promises to captivate the senses and elevate the olfactory experience. Available exclusively in H&M stores offering Beauty and online from May, the collection invites customers to explore a world of opulent scents that reflect their unique essence and personality.

Courtesy of H&M Beauty
Courtesy of H&M Beauty
Courtesy of H&M Beauty

From the adventurous spirit of the ‘Adventure Seeker‘ to the sweet and playful aura of the ‘Social Butterfly,’ the Est. 1947 collection offers a diverse range of fragrances that resonate with every mood and occasion. Whether drawn to woody, floral, fruity, or fresh scents, each bottle encapsulates a distinct essence waiting to be discovered.

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