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The Beauty Scene’s Essential Guide to Fragrances

The world is teeming with more smells than your poor wee nose could ever hope to handle. But the sniffing connoisseurs on our writing team have been taking a whiff of a few of the latest scents to help you find exactly the right perfume for you.

In conjunction with Fragrance Direct, we’ve been had a noseful of some of the finest perfumes on the market – all to report our findings back to you. So take a look and find a scent that could become your signature.

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Calvin Klein Euphoria

Calvin Klein might be best known for their brand-named boxer shorts, but they’ve also created an exemplary set of perfumes that will make you smell fresh and desirable. And at the top of our list is Calvin Klein Euphoria, a fragrance combining the sharp zest of fruit with calm floral scents.

The highlight of Euphoria lies with its top notes of pomegranate, Japanese apple and green leaves, which combine perfectly with floral heart notes to create a unique smell that’ll remind you of long walks in peaceful woodlands. In short, it’s a totally lush smell.

YSL Black Opium

Black Opium is, when you think about it, kind of a sinister name for a perfume, but YSL’s rich and distinctive scent has at least one thing in common with the most popular drug of the early 20th century – once you’ve smelt it, you won’t want to stop.

According to YSL themselves, this is a perfume intended to explore the brand’s dark side. And in doing so, they’ve come up with a perfume containing smells as diverse as coffee grounds and pink pepper, as well as a number of interesting smells for the base notes.

These are rich heady scents, the kind of smells that you’d like to wake up to in the morning, which is why YSL Black Opium comes highly recommended for everyday wear.


Jimmy Choo Flash

The Jimmy Choo brand is synonymous with showbiz glamour and episodes of Sex and the City. It’s the hallmark name of a generation that still reminds everyone of unwieldy high heels and high-end fashion.

Flash, one of their biggest perfumes, has taken this A-list obsession to its logical conclusion, providing you with a perfume that’s intended to match your glittering handbag and party dress.

Featuring elements of strawberry, tangerine and even pink pepper, this is a sexy scent that will intrigue anyone near you.

Paco Rabanne Olympea Aqua

If there’s one cardinal rule regarding perfume quality, it’s this – the more elaborate the title, the better the scent.

Paco Rabanne’s Olympea Aqua is perfect proof of this rule, with its top notes of ginger lily, petitgrain leaf and Calabrian bergamot finely complementing each other to create a distinct and enrapturing scent.

Accentuating this sense of sophistication is a round bottle that is sleek and elegant. This is an essential scent for a night on the tiles.


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