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Tommy Hilfiger Woman Flower Rose

tommy hilfiger woman fower rose

Tommy Hilfiger will launch a new fragrance for women in February 2014 – Hilfiger Woman Flower Rose. Hilfiger Woman Flower Rose is a flanker to 2010′sHilfiger Woman, and a follow up to 2013’s Hilfiger Woman Flower Violet.

Flower Rose is a romantic and feminine fragrance that is both modern and attractive as well as timeless. The main role in this floral fragrance goes to gorgeous rose, the flower of love taking us for a journey of love. The notes include mandarin, cassis, apple, freesia, rose, camellia, jonquil, plum, white musk, milk, woods and amber.

A gift that comes with the perfume and decorates the bottle is a charming hairpiece, a flower with Hilfiger characteristic stripes. Tommy Hilfiger Woman Flower Rose will be available as a 30 and 50 ml Eau de Parfum.

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