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Tommy Hilfiger Woman Flower Violet Review

tommy-hilfiger-flower-violet review

Tommy Hilfiger has launched a new  Spring fragrance in 2013. We wrote about it earlier. You can read more about it here. But here's a more in depth review of it.

Spring is coming and it's time to celebrate it with a new fragrance. Tommy Hilfiger Woman Flower Violet Eau de Parfum Spray, just hit the shelves but is unfortunately only a limited edition. As such, I am no friend of limited edition fragrances, but on the other hand, this one particularly aroused my curiosity.

First I saw the flacon and instantly liked it. The bottle of Flower Violet has a classic silhouette that is decorated with a textile flower in a pinstripe pattern that complements the delicate violet of the fragrance. The flower can be worn as a hair clip or a brooch and can be so easily taken anywhere. The packaging of Flower Violet is plain and simple, with cream and violet-colored pinstripes that match the flower on the bottle. The bottle is simple, elegant and clear. But more important, of course, the scent itself , held in a delicate lilac.

The fragrance combines the elegance of lush violets and rose petals with gently caressing gardenia. Sweet vanilla awakens the senses while soothing sandalwood envelops the skin like an intimate embrace. The base notes mandarin, bergamot and ripe raspberries provide a final surge of power and remember the feeling of having found the perfect partner.

I think the new Tommy Hilfiger Woman Flower Violet Eau de Parfum Spray is a welcome change from all the "Girly Scents" that appear every spring. The fragrance from Tommy Hilfiger Woman Flower Violet is indeed feminine and romantic, but it is not as "childish" or playful, like many fragrances, which are often pink-ish. The new Tommy Hilfiger Woman Flower Violet Eau de Parfum is sophisticated and modern, yet does not lose the romantic note.

This Eau de Parfum in my opinion speaks to both young women, as well as for those young at heart who want to awake the feeling of first love again. The very feminine top note, which appears extremely opulent and floral, plays with our senses. But then, develops into the warmer and sweeter notes of vanilla and sandalwood. This ensures the right amount of sensuality. The fruit and berry base simultaneously, however, appears after quite a while. But then when it's finally there,the Eau de Parfum is very consistent. In any case, the Tommy Hilfiger Woman Flower Violet Eau de Parfum is perfect for spring.

With its great adaptability you can wear this fragrance really to many occasions. However, I would like to mention, for those who expect a real violet bomb , they could be a little disappointed. The violet note is certainly there ,but it isn't overwhelming. But honestly, I don't mind at all, because the scent as a whole appears to me. And certainlt deserves a place on my perfume shelf.



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