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How to Choose Your Own Makeup Bag

Makeup Bag

The perfect makeup bag must be multi-functional and perfect for organizing and protecting your cosmetics. One of the main characteristics of a good makeup bag is that it should be easy to carry, stress-free to clean and must protect your make up from damage. This is why many women choose their makeup bags carefully because it is an everyday carry item for their essentials.

You want one that is comfortable to carry and that satisfies all your cosmetic EDC needs. This is why the size and durability of your bag should be your primary consideration. This will differ from one lady to another and some ladies who are not heavy on makeup may need a smaller bag than others. If you carry more than the average amount of cosmetics on the go, then you will need a bigger bag.

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Makeup Bag

Once you pick the right bag, you will discover that getting access to your cosmetics will be easier as they will be more organized and faster to reach.

First, you must decide on what type of bag you need

This is important because knowing your needs first will help you decide on the type of bag that will satisfy you. If the bag is going into a handbag or purse, consider the size and choose one that will fit into any, or most of your bags. But, if you’re looking for a makeup bag to take with you on a trip, then something that will fit into your luggage should be a perfect choice.

Most professional makeup artists opt for a makeup bag with several compartments. They prefer bags that are large enough to take all their makeup in a tidy and coordinated way.

Your everyday routine will help you determine the size of makeup bag that will work for you. For example, if you want to carry around all your makeup for touch-up, pick a slightly bigger bag than the average. But if you only need some cosmetics like lipstick or powder, then a suitable bag will be one that is smaller and compact.

When choosing the right makeup bag to suit your needs, the material is also a big consideration. You don’t want your cosmetics to spill inside your purse, so to keep everything clean and protected, choose a bag that is durable with a study material. Preferably something that is structured to safeguard your makeup.

Secondly, choose the right design

After deciding on the type of bag that you need, the next decision is the design of the bag. This usually goes hand-in-hand with the material. For example, a waterproof makeup bag will be made of a water-resistant material that will keep liquids and moisture in or out of the bag. This will sometimes affect the overall design of the bag.

You can also decide if you want a bag with dividers to help with a better arrangement of your cosmetics. It is particularly important to have a bag with multiple compartments, that way, it’ll be easier for you to find what you are looking for. Because you would already know what makeup you use regularly, you can separate your frequently used products from the occasional makeup. This way, you can do your makeup quickly and in the more tidy fashion.

The design of your bag should also make it easy for you to clean up. When your bag gets messy, you want to be able to reach all hidden areas with no hassle at all. Make sure you have a bag with an inner liner that can easily be wiped or cleaned out with soap and water. A vinyl lining is usually recommended because it is one of the easiest linings to clean.

Lastly, choose a bag that makes organization easy

After all is said and done choosing a makeup bag is all about staying organized. Some bags make it difficult to tidy your makeup. You want a bag with zip closures, dividers, and several slots. Makeup bags with multiple pockets will help you arrange your cosmetics better because you can keep things separated inside.

You can also use plastic bags inside your makeup bag for more space. Using plastic bags will help prevent spills and stains, and will also provide extra storage space for sectioning out your makeup.

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