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Jang Won Young: The Fresh Face of Kérastase

Kérastase Welcomes Jang Won Young

F @for_everyoung10, Courtesy of Instagram (Jang Won Young: The Fresh Face of Kérastase)

Recently, the renowned haircare brand Kérastase made waves in the industry by selecting IVE‘s Jang Won Young as their newest ambassador. On March 26, the beauty community received exciting news as Jang Won Young graced a captivating photoshoot with Marie Claire Korea in collaboration with Kérastase. The partnership between the haircare giant and the talented young artist marks an exciting new chapter for both parties involved.


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One of the most striking aspects of the collaboration is the synergy between Jang Won Young’s naturally beautiful hair and Kérastase’s reputation for excellence in haircare. With her signature shiny locks and impeccable style, Jang exudes confidence and elegance, making her the perfect embodiment of Kérastase’s values.

@for_everyoung10, Courtesy of Instagram

The photo shoot showcased a simple yet elegant style, with Jang wearing exclusively all-white and all-black attire that highlighted the pure and sophisticated look. Her hair, styled with soft wispy bangs, was the focal point, demonstrating the effectiveness of Kérastase products.

@for_everyoung10, Courtesy of Instagram
@for_everyoung10, Courtesy of Instagram

For Kérastase, selecting Jang Won Young as their ambassador signifies a strategic move towards appealing to a younger demographic while maintaining their commitment to quality and innovation. Jang’s influence extends far beyond her musical endeavors, with a dedicated following that spans across various platforms and demographics. By aligning with such a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, Kérastase aims to strengthen its brand positioning and reach new audiences worldwide.

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