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Flower Knows Presents Violet Rococo Eyeshadow Palette

Discover the Magic: Flower Knows’ Newest Eyeshadow Palette in Violet Rococo

@flowerknows_global, Courtesy of Instagram (Flower Knows Presents Violet Rococo Eyeshadow Palette)

Flower Knows introduced their latest innovation – the Violet Rococo 5-color Eyeshadow Palette, set to debut on 4/8 0:00 PST at This palette is designed to unleash your creativity and celebrate the power of purple. With richly pigmented hues and velvety textures, each shade seamlessly blends to offer endless possibilities for mesmerizing eye looks. The China-based beauty brand, is captivating the globe with its fresh take on femininity and gorgeously crafted products that defy convention.



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Rooted in transcendent narratives and offering quality beauty supplies, Flower Knows is gaining international recognition. As the international beauty market continues to flourish, this brand stands poised to make a significant impact, supported by the exponential growth of cosmetic exports from China and its unique appeal among emerging brands. Since its inception, the brand has strategically expanded its reach into global markets, starting with Japan in 2019 and subsequently venturing into Southeast Asia, Europe, and America. Through inovative design, localized content, and artful adaptation, the brand has garnered success and acclaim, with a substantial presence in nearly a thousand stores across China and a growing footprint internationally.

@flowerknows_global, Courtesy of Instagram
@flowerknows_global, Courtesy of Instagram

As Flower Knows continues to evolve and innovate, its products serve as vessels for the universal appeal of fairy tales, offering consumers an immersive experience that transcends cultural boundaries. With its unwavering dedication to beauty, innovation, and imagination, Flower Knows is poised for a bright future, shaping the landscape of global beauty with its enchanting and empowering offerings.

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