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Bridal Accessories

When you have your wedding day in a winter wonderland setting, merely wearing a dress may not be enough to keep you warm. If you’re looking for something to keep you perfect temperature on your big day, then you’re in luck. JJ’s House designer, Jessica, has put together some beautiful ideas for bridal accessories that every bride needs if their wedding is taking place in the colder months of the year. It’s only reasonable that you want to look stunning, feel comfortable, and have the best day ever. After all, it’s one of the most significant and precious days of your life.

Remember when you’re thinking about what accessories to wear, you’ll be wearing them all day, so they have to feel comfortable and not just look beautiful. Some of these accessories won’t add anything but more beauty to your dress and outfit, but others will. It’s all a matter of personal preference. It’s down to you what accessories you choose. You know what you like and what suits your body and dress the most.

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Bridal Accessories

• Feather Bolero – These are so elegant and beautiful, there are hundreds out there you can buy too. The feathers add class and tradition, but the fact that it’s a bolero means it doesn’t take over your whole outfit. You don’t have to wear it all day either, maybe take it and wear it to the church or reception then take it off and only put it back on when you’re a little cold. They look stunning with a lace dress, but it still doesn’t take away anything from your expensive gown. Choose your color too, I would recommend a lighter color that matches your dress, either grey or white. But, there are so many different variations available also.

• Faux Fur Stole – Perfectly wraps around your shoulders and arms for added warmth, this accessory is ideal for a wedding where snow might happen. They look great on photos too so there is no need to worry if your photographer is taking some snaps while you’re wrapped up warm in your fur stole. They come in a variety of colors, and for this accessory, I would recommend going with a contrasting color to your dress like a brown or silver. You can also choose a short or long type, whatever you think will work best with your dress.

• Crystal and Silver Jewelry – Although it won’t keep you warm, silver is the perfect accessory color to add to your winter wedding. Silver is almost a reflection of the season’s weather, and it’s a stunning color too. Crystal is also another lovely addition to your jewelry. Perhaps you may choose earrings or a necklace – whatever you want, it’s sure to look amazing.

• Cotton or Faux Fur Cape – This is definitely an option that will keep you super warm on your big day. Having a cape doesn’t take away any beauty from your main attraction – the dress. But, it definitely will keep you warm on the super cold days. They’re not expensive, and even if you only use it for an hour or two on your wedding day, it’s sure to keep you comfortable and snuggly.

Images by Patrick Lacsina for Beauty SCENE


Kaia Gerber

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