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When Gifting a Watch is a Good Idea

Watch can be a perfect gift – yet you can make so many mistakes while trying to choose one! Do not despair, our watches editor is here to help:

You can never go wrong with giving the gift of a classic timepiece. An accessory known to appreciate in value, both financially and emotionally, this premium object can appeal to even the most discerning consumer. Fortunately, Filippo Loreti has designed its products with both top-notch quality and affordability in mind, creating impeccable pieces that will last a lifetime! As a versatile option, there truly isn’t an occasion where purchasing a timepiece is a bad decision – and we’re here to divulge the best options for each holiday to guide you.


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With the day of lovers just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to purchase a memorable piece that your partner will cherish for years to come. Filippo Loreti’s Essence Collection is a modern take on a classic look. These watches with marble-inspired faces will look chic with just about any outfit. But when it comes to the traditionalist, our Asea Collection is a no-brainer. Meticulous design, beautiful jewel embellishment. What could she want more?


This monumental life event deserves a big celebration and the gift of a timepiece that will serve as a beautiful memory as the graduate embarks on the journey of his or her life. While the millennial or Gen Xer in your life might crave those hot trends, they’ll value a classic timepiece that ages beautifully, as they do. With our high-quality silver, gold and bronze pieces, we are sure you will find that perfect fit to suit the graduate in your life!


We’re always looking for that perfect gift to show that we care, especially on birthdays. With the diverse tastes of our loved ones, it can be challenging to find that memorable gift that will make an impact. But a fail-proof idea for a birthday present that leaves a bang is one of Filippo Loreti’s outstanding quality pieces. With a reasonable price point and 10-year warranty, this is a present that will be valued, year after year. Not to mention, we offer timepiece options for both males and females, with a wide range of materials that will cater to the unique needs of your loved ones.


The most remarkable day of your life deserves one of life’s most precious gifts. Timepieces are a classic object that are often given to the groom, as a symbol of love and dedication before the ceremony. From the racing-inspired Ascari to the sleek look and artful engraving of Okeanos and the utilitarian functionality of Legio, this fail-proof gift will remind your loved one of your special connection, long after the wedding day has come and gone.


If you are searching for the perfect time to gift the watch enthusiast in your life a gorgeous timepiece, there is no better time than an anniversary. Our high-quality Italian-inspired timepieces will stand the test of time, just like your relationship, carrying your partner throughout the journey of life. If you are looking for a piece that makes a memorable, fashion-forward statement, the varied designs of our bestsellers watches will suit the diverse tastes of those in your life!

Purchasing a beautiful timepiece doesn’t have to break the bank. At Filippo Loreti, we’ve made it possible for the perfect watch to be accessible for everyone. And with many different styles to choose from, the perfect fit is just around the corner.

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