7 Ways to Make Your Home More Stylish and Comfortable

Stylish and Comfortable
Your home says a lot about who you are. It is how you express yourself in the space you live in. Everything from the paint on the walls to the décor you choose and the books you have on the shelves, everything says something about you. You want your home to be stylish, but you don’t want it to feel like a museum. Combining beauty with comfort and function makes your home not only more beautiful, but a more welcome and livable space. Re-designing your home can be a lot of fun, but purchasing some products that will be very productive for your home is very important, for example every kitchen needs a kitchen splashback. Just as your kitchen every space of your home will have its own decor moments.

Here are seven ways to do just that.

Open with Awe

Once they get past the outside of your home, the entryway is the first thing visitors to your home see. So, what should be there to greet them? This is largely an individual choice. What is the mood you want your home to set right away? Everything from the lighting to the door itself, the paint, and any art you have there will let your guests know something about you.

Coat trees, shoe racks (if you prefer guest remove their shoes) and other amenities can make your entry seem more welcoming. They also make it obvious that you care about their personal items and how you care about your home as well.

Stylish and Comfortable

Work to awe visitors as they enter your home and you will be sure to impress them as well.

Comfortable Feet

Your floors are vital to the comfort and beauty of your home. If you have people remove their shoes at the door, which prevents a lot of dirt from entering the home itself and makes cleaning easier, you need to also have comfortable floors for guests to walk on.

This means hardwood and tile floors should be clean. The temperature you keep your home at will also affect how cold these floors might be unless they are heated as well. Carpets should be comfortable and on a good, soft pad. Covering some bare floor areas like your seating area in the living or dining room with area rugs is another good way to offer your guests comfort underfoot. Invest in good rugs, those made of high quality materials. They will lay better, last longer, and be more beautiful.

Comfort starts with your guest’s feet, and beauty can start there too.

Stylish and Comfortable

Build a Wall

No, this is not something to separate your guest or keep them out of a certain area. This wall is to showcase something you are proud of. It can consist of a number of things. These can vary from a city wall that showcases where you live to an art wall displaying various related pieces you have created.

A wall is also a good place to have family photos, photos of pets, or even just photos you have taken on vacations that were meaningful to you. The idea is to create a wall that showcases something personal about yourself and creates and air of comfort and of beauty.

Fresh Flowers

A bouquet of fresh flowers adds vibrant colors and scent to any room. Several located strategically around your home will do even more for the atmosphere. There are several ways to make sure you always have these in your home.

Grow your own. You can keep live flowers (if they bloom all the time) in dirt filled pots and have a perpetual bouquet. Also, you can grow your own in flower beds and thin them by picking them regularly and brining some inside. Create a ritual. Often your local grocery store or Co-op will have locally sourced flowers for purchase. Make these bouquets a regular part of your shopping routine and bring home fresh flowers often to replenish the ones around your home.

Get them delivered. Set up a regular delivery with a local flower shop and get new flowers on a regular basis. This will keep your supply fresh and your home looking and smelling great. Be mindful though. Some people have allergies, so make sure your arrangements are portable, and can be moved if they are making someone uncomfortable. Local flowers may only be available in some seasons or from greenhouses.

Try to get local ones when you can, but in winter months you may end up with others. They will still look and smell wonderful and add beauty and comfort to your home.

Arrange Logically (and bravely)

Sometimes rooms are built in such a way that furniture really only fits one way, or there are limits to the ways it can be arranged. Sometimes this is due to the presence of a fireplace, or the only wall that a television will work on because of cable outlets or other restrictions.

Stylish and Comfortable

This means you must arrange your rooms logically. However, that does not mean you can’t do something different, and show some bravery. For instance, sometimes chairs can be strategically placed where they can be swiveled for either conversation or television viewing. Varying patterns that depart from the traditional square room and corner methods can make a room more unique while still being beautiful and comfortable. Furniture can be used in different ways, and non-traditional pieces often make a room stand out.

Don’t be afraid to try new things and arrange differently. Sometimes the most unique setups are ones that offer the most beauty and comfort.

Have a Theme

Want a room to really stand out? Have a theme. This can be anything from grayscale art to a particular artist, to art that is all related. These themes can be seasonal, with summer pictures displayed in winter, and winter pictures displayed in the summer. Themes can also be related to upcoming holidays, certain color patterns, or any number of other creative ideas. Like the wall you built earlier, this theme can show off your personal taste and relate to the space it is in also. A theme can be anything you like.

For instance, a common kitchen theme is coffee or breakfast. This type of theme is welcoming, can be humorous, and defines the use of the space.

Follow the Rule of Threes

There is a simple rule when it comes to decorating that says you can put three related objects of different sizes and types on any surface, and it will not only look good but create a mentally comforting feng sui. When it comes to your décor, for beauty and comfort learn and follow the rule of threes. Use it everywhere you can, and the spaces in your home will look and feel better.

A stylish home that is also functional and comfortable will be the best place for you, your family, and your friends and those you entertain to hang out. There are many keys to doing so, but start with these seven ways to make your home more stylish and comfortable.

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