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Can I Wear Toric Lenses and Still Be Fashionable?


Astigmatism refers to an eye condition that causes the shape and the curvature of the eye’s surface to be slightly distorted instead of smooth and consistent. The result is often blurry or distorted vision that can be potentially present at any distance, from close-up reading to viewing at a distance.

Toric lenses help to correct this curvature of the eye to help compensate for this distortion effect. However, many fashion-conscious contact lens wearers worry that toric lenses will affect their ability to be chic and on-trend. Here are some key reasons why it IS possible to wear toric lenses for astigmatism and still be as fashionable as you want to be:Gloss-5

Squinting and Straining to See is SO Not Hot

Squinting, perpetually shielding your eyes or having to ask what a distant sign or the fine print on a menu says is not hot. There is no need to stay in denial or hide the fact that you have astigmatism; the truth is that studies indicate around 9 out of 10 people have at least a mild case of it. The condition is often present at birth and can progress with the aging process. There’s no need to hide it (or hide from it) when there are so many viable and effective solutions available today; wearing toric contact lenses is one of the best.

Seeing Clearly is Definitely On-Point

Conversely, the ability to discern your surroundings both near and far conveys confidence and certainty. Being confident and sure of yourself is one of the hottest fashion accessories, and it’s hard to put a price on it. Correcting your vision as needed with toric contact lenses can eliminate vision distortion and the need to squint or waver in your decisions. Everyone is impressed by confidence and being sure of yourself, and correcting astigmatism with toric lenses is an effective way to help cultivate this quality.


Fashion Versatility

Wearing contact lenses for near-sightedness, far-sightedness and astigmatism offers far more fashion options than wearing glasses. Even the most modern and contemporary eyeglass frames lock you into one look, and owning multiple pairs of glasses would be required to cover even a small range of fashion looks. Contact lenses solve that issue flawlessly, with a barely-there presence that won’t impede any of your carefully-created wardrobe ideas and fashion looks.

Change Up Your Look Effortlessly

Another way to accessorize your fashion look is with colored contact lenses. You might be worried that toric lenses for astigmatism aren’t available in different eye colors, but toric lenses are actually available in a wide range of fashion colors for just about any look or mood. Blue, green, hazel, aqua, violet, and a number of other subtle shades are all possible. With colored toric lenses, it’s easy to both correct vision distortion caused by astigmatism as well as change your eye color to match or complement your fashion look. Best of all, you can either change back to your natural eye color or try something totally different whenever the spirit moves you.

No-Commitment Vision Correction

Worn safely and intelligently, contact lenses offer an easy way to enjoy immediate vision changes without a commitment. If your needs or vision changes, a new prescription can be sought with new, adjusted lenses to wear on your eyes. This differs vastly from corrective eye surgery which can bring a range of complications and no guarantee that the results will last.

“Astigmatism” may seem like a scary, uncool word, but it’s more common than most people realize. With 9 out of 10 people having at least a mild form, it’s hardly uncommon. Fortunately, toric contact lenses for astigmatism can correct this issue while allowing your fashionista self to stay on the cutting edge.

All images from Gloss by Dimitri Fevrier exclusively for Beauty SCENE.


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