Full Face One Lipstick Makeup Goes Viral

From Lips to Full Face: Lipstick-Only Makeup Trend Takes TikTok by Storm


@taontm, Courtesy of TikTok

Lipstick, often hailed as a staple in every makeup bag, has proven its versatility beyond just enhancing lips. However, the latest trend emerging on platforms like TikTok takes lipstick’s versatility to a whole new level. Makeup enthusiasts are attempting to craft entire makeup looks using one lipstick shade as an eyeshadow, contour, and a blush at the same time.


@taontm A lipstick is all you need 🫶🏼 #makeuphacks ♬ original sound – KC

The lipstick trend went viral, thanks to @taontm‘s pioneering use of MAC CosmeticsSweet Deal shade for various purposes. Their bold experimentation captured the attention of makeup enthusiasts worldwide, inspiring countless others to join in on the unconventional challenge. Notably, influential figures within the beauty community, such as Jeffree Star, lent their platforms to recreate and showcase their take on the trend, further amplifying its popularity. As the trend gained momentum, social media platforms became inundated with a flood of lipstick-centric makeup tutorials and humorous attempts, cementing its status as a cultural phenomenon. Despite its origins rooted in lighthearted experimentation, the trend’s widespread adoption underscores the power of social media in shaping and propelling trends within the beauty industry, sparking innovation and fostering community engagement among makeup enthusiasts of all skill levels.


@jeffreestar Trying the #viral full face with one #lipstick shade trend… Would you try this?? 😇 #makeupreview #jeffreestar #beautytok #maclipstick ♬ original sound – Jeffree Star

Starting a makeup journey using only lipstick requires careful consideration of shade and texture. When it comes to contouring, a matte brown lipstick can mimic the shadows and definition required, while opting for hydrating brighter shades adds a pop of color reminiscent of blush. The challenge lies not only in finding suitable shades to compliment your skin tone but also in mastering the application techniques to achieve a cohesive makeup look using solely one lipstick.

As makeup enthusiasts explore this unconventional trend, experimenting with lipstick as a substitute for conventional face products, the beauty community witnesses a blend of creativity and humor. Despite the inevitable mishaps and hilarious outcomes, the trend underscores the playful nature of makeup experimentation and the endless possibilities within the realm of beauty. Whether it’s for entertainment or genuine curiosity, the lipstick makeup trend invites enthusiasts to explore new avenues in makeup application and self-expression.

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