Derek Chadwick Is Launchging a Beauty Brand

Derek Chadwick and his partner Emmett Enriques are launching a beauty brand – DSCENE editor sits down to talk with Derek in exclusive MMSCENE reveal:

Derek Chadwick and his partner are about to launch Chaddyphoto ©Grant Legan

In an era where beauty continually evolves, Chaddy emerges as a disruptive force. Model, actor, and LGBTQ+ icon Derek Chadwick, in tandem with Emmett Enriques, presents a clean beauty brand that boldly ventures where few have gone before.

From in fashion for brands such as Calvin Klein and Moschino to dazzling on screen, Chadwick’s expansive journey paints a picture of versatility. However, amidst the vastness of beauty offerings, Chadwick and Enriques pinpointed a glaring void: a range curated for men. Their answer? A brand new line of beauty essentials tailored to meet this demand.

And the first product is a lip balm, in fact the inaugural Chaddy Matte Lip Plumper encapsulates this vision. Crafted with cruelty-free, all-natural ingredients, it pledges hydration, potency, and an immediate glow, all the while preserving a matte finish. Chaddy isn’t just a brand; it’s a movement, challenging archaic beauty norms and inspiring a shift in perception.

Derek Chadwick shares insights into the brand’s genesis, its foundational beliefs, and what the future holds.

photo ©Grant Legan

photo ©Grant Legan

Though the industry has been around for centuries, there isn’t a lot of skincare/makeup geared specifically towards men… Being two men who genuinely care about our skin health and natural looks, we didn’t find what we were searching for. Hence, the birth of Chaddy,” remarked Chadwick, elucidating the brand’s inception.

Drawing from his vast experience, Derek noted, “These brands made me feel really confident… I wanted to bring that experience to Chaddy for a barely-there, minimalist look.

Delving deeper into their pioneering product, he added, “Chaddy is all about natural beauty… I loved traditional lip plumpers but disliked the glossiness and stickiness. That’s when we envisioned a matte plumper — simple and enhancing.”

Founders of Chaddy Derek Chadwick and Emmett Enriques – photo ©Grant Legan

In the competitive land of the beauty industry, Chaddy distinguishes itself with a clear ethos. Steering clear of the extravagance and flamboyance commonly associated with beauty, it roots for the raw, the real, and the unfiltered.

Save the date for November 8th, 2023, when Chaddy products become available. For the rest of the shoot and the interview log on to MMSCENE.

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