Prada Unveils Revolutionary Color Changing Lip Balm

Prada’s new lip balm adapts to your pH for personalized color and 24-hour hydration

Courtesy of Prada- Prada Unveils Revolutionary Color Changing Lip Balm

Prada has once again elevated the world of cosmetics with the introduction of their new Color Changing Lip Balm. This innovative balm features a striking blue bullet that transforms into an Astral Pink when applied to the lips, adapting uniquely to the pH of each user’s skin. This magical shift is powered by Prada’s cutting-edge Micro-Blushing™ Technology, ensuring that each application delivers a personalized, rosy glow that enhances the natural lip color.

The formula behind Prada’s latest offering is designed not only for its aesthetic appeal but also for its nourishing qualities. It incorporates bifidus extract and jojoba oil, ingredients known for their moisturizing properties and ability to strengthen the lip barrier. This composition ensures the balm glides on effortlessly, providing up to 24 hours of hydration and comfort.


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Using this product is a breeze. Simply remove the cap, twist the tube to expose the balm, and apply it gently across both the top and bottom lips. Once done, retract the balm bullet and enjoy prolonged comfort. This ease of application makes it a practical addition to any beauty routine.

Courtesy of Prada

Key highlights of the Prada Color Changing Lip Balm include its all-day hydrating properties, the innovative Micro-Blushing™ technology that allows for the unique color transformation, and its durable care formulation that rejuvenates the lips’ natural tone while strengthening the lip barrier.

Prada has committed to sustainability with this new lip balm by making the packaging refillable. This not only enhances the user experience but also aligns with the growing demand for eco-friendly beauty products. The smooth, melting texture of the balm further enriches the application experience, making it a must-have for those looking to combine luxury with care in their lip care regimen.


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