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Fall Lipstick Shades for Every Hair Color


If you have three tubes of the lipstick in essentially the same shade in your purse right now, you might be in a makeup rut. But it can be tricky breaking out of your fire-engine-red shell. Here are some looks that take your hair color and skin tone into account when helping you find some new favorite shades for the fall season.



As your summer tan begins to fade, it may be time to take your lipstick shade down a notch. All you need is some voluminous locks and pretty fall makeup shades. Bright colors that are fine in the summer can look garish in the fall. Here are some guidelines to point you in the right direction. Image above by Adamo De Pax for Beauty Scene.

• Platinum blondes should stick with light or nude shades. The neutral tone of the hair calls for a subtler lipstick.
• Pinks or light corals work well for women with blue eyes, especially teens.
• If you really feel as if you need to rock the red lip, do it on a day you plan to wear neutral clothing, such as grey or black, so that the lip color really pops. This might be best as an evening look.
• Don’t be afraid to add a shimmery gloss over any color you choose. Blondes can pull off the sparkle.



What a lucky person you are if you have hair in the vast array of brown tones. Lipstick manufacturers have created tons of choices that will work well for you. Here are the basics.

• Don’t forget to wear lip liners, as it can help keep your perfect shade in place most of the day.
• Brunettes get to go bright with their lipstick year-round if they so desire.
• If you have olive skin, plums or mauves provide a pretty pout without drawing attention away from your eyes.
• People with fairer skin tones can do rusty shades, but make sure to blot the color after application to tone it down just a bit.

Image above by Judith Hirsbrunner for Beauty SCENE – see more



Whether you are a natural ginger or have your hair colored, redheads always stand out in a crowd. That means your lipstick has to be on point. Follow these tips for the best look. Image above Kate Strucka for Beauty Scene

• Liner is essential, especially if you have freckles that obscure your lipline.
• Stick to lipsticks in peach-bronze range, which complement your coloring without clashing.
• Avoid bright reds. They will overwhelm your face and make your teeth look yellow.
• Women with auburn hair look best in plum tones, a look that’s perfect for fall.

Choosing the right lipstick shade will help you transition smoothly into fall. Make sure to select one that works well with your hair color.

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