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Glossier Unveils Limited Edition Ultralip: Summer in Every Swipe

Dive into the vibrant hues of the French Riviera with Glossier’s Summer Capsule Collection

Courtesy of Glossier

Glossier‘s latest release within their Summer Capsule Collection offers a  treat for beauty enthusiasts—Limited Edition Ultralip. Inspired by the French Riviera, this new offering brings two vibrant shades to the forefront: Apricot, a warm creamsicle hue, and Deco, a rich burnt orange. These additions are not just about color; they encapsulate the spirit of summer with their lively appeal.


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The allure of Ultralip lies in its multifunctional design. Combining the hydrating benefits of a balm, the sheen of a gloss, and the pigment of a lip tint, Ultralip promises to be a summer essential for keeping lips vibrant and nourished. Its buildable formula allows users to adjust their look from a subtle flush to a bold statement, ensuring versatility for both daytime and evening wear.

Courtesy of Glossier

Central to the formula’s success is a trio of nourishing oils that ensure lips remain hydrated and soft throughout the day. Meadowfoam seed oil, a key ingredient, is celebrated for its rich fatty acids and antioxidant properties, providing a protective barrier that locks in moisture. This oil not only conditions but also contributes to the product’s luxurious feel, offering a smooth glide upon application.

Watermelon seed oil adds another layer of care with its nutritional profile rich in vitamins and fatty acids. It works to condition the lips, ensuring they remain supple and well-nourished under the summer sun. Jojoba seed oil complements this by enhancing the gloss finish of the Ultralip, while forming an occlusive layer that smoothens and softens the lips’ surface.

Courtesy of Glossier

Glossier’s commitment to skin-loving makeup shines through with this launch. By incorporating ingredients that care for the skin, the brand continues to bridge the gap between makeup and skincare.

Ultralip not only captures the essence of the French Riviera’s vibrant landscape but also reflects Glossier’s dedication to innovative, skin-first beauty solutions. For those looking to add a pop of nourishing color to their summer ensemble, Ultralip offers an ideal blend of care, color, and shine.


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