Skin Care Tips to Follow After a Cosmetic Procedure

Discover the skincare tips to follow after a cosmetic procedure below – rounded up after our conversation with experts in the field:

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Since time immemorial, humans have been a very conscious lot regarding their appearance. And believe it or not, the earliest reference to cosmetic surgery dates back to 600 BCE. Today, in Australia alone, more than $1 billion on cosmetic procedures is spent every year. Common cosmetic procedures include body and facial contouring, skin and facial rejuvenation, and breast augmentation or reduction. Individuals undertake these procedures to enhance their appearance and, in turn, boost confidence and self-esteem. But just getting the procedure done is not enough.

Following the doctor’s advice regarding post-procedure care is crucial for the success of the contouring or rejuvenation procedure that you went through. Experts at Absolute Cosmetic Medicine Joondalup are here to help you with skincare tips to follow after a cosmetic procedure.

Allow healing

Your skin has been tampered with, although by a professional. Some amount of swelling and tenderness is normal. To help the bruises heal fast, apply cold compression during the first 72 hours of your procedure. Once the wounds start drying up, ignore the temptation of picking at the scabs. Remember that by removing scabs you’ll interfere with the healing process which may result in lasting scars.

Skin Care Tips to Follow After a Cosmetic Procedure
Photo ©Pawel Kocan & Robert Losyk

Follow a cleaning and moisturising regime

Follow your doctor’s instructions in cleaning and moisturising your skin. To eliminate the risk of bacterial infection, wash the wounds gently with an anti-bacterial cleanser up to three times a day. Do not scrub or apply pressure. Your doctor may ask you to apply light layers of peroxide and anti-bacterial ointment on the wounds. It is important that the skin is adequately moisturised with an unscented moisturiser, especially around the wounds to avoid the appearance of scars.

Drink plenty of water and maintain a nutrient-rich diet

While this is equally important during normal, healthy times, drinking adequate water to keep your body hydrated post-cosmetic procedure, is extremely crucial. Bear in mind the fact that water flushes out toxins off our bodies and keeps our skin supple.

Also, ensure to have nutrient-rich foods so that your body has adequate resources to heal during the period.

Skin Care Tips to Follow After a Cosmetic Procedure
Photo ©Pawel Kocan & Robert Losyk

Ditch the make-up kit till the wounds heal

At least three days from the date the procedure is performed, avoid applying all sorts of makeup, topical medicine, or nutraceuticals on your skin. The harsh chemicals in these products can irritate and hamper the healing process. So, just follow the cleansing and moisturising routine as advised by your doctor, and get enough rest. Once the top layer of your skin – the epidermis, heals, you may apply moderate mineral-based makeup.

Post cosmetic procedure, the sun is not your best friend

Avoid the sun soon after your cosmetic procedure. At this stage, harsh sunlight can damage your skin and cause discolouration. In case it is unavoidable and you have to step outdoors in the sun, do not forget to apply sunscreen with SPF 30 or 40.

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