Eight Beauty Tips That You Should Swear By

Here, we have mentioned top beauty tips that you should swear by

Eight Beauty Tips
Photography by © by Catherine Harbour for BeautyScene

There’s no running away from the fact that beauty standards have changed in the last few years. Gone are the days when putting on lots of makeup was the norm. These days, everyone wants to have glowing and healthy skin.

Even if you put tons of Snapchat filters on your pics, having naturally glowing skin will outshine everything. Here, we have mentioned top beauty tips that you should swear by:

●  Always Carry a Lip Balm in Your Bag

Everyone appreciates glowing lips. But how do you achieve this glow? By having a lip balm around, you can always moisturize dried lips. Since dehydration is the sole cause of dried lips, you can quickly treat it. If exposed to harsh climate and ultraviolet rays, a simple touch-up of lip balm will accentuate your look.

A lip balm is a must-have and packing essential that you should always carry. Ensure to buy from a good quality organic brand, so your lips can shine bright.

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Photography by © by Catherine Harbour for BeautyScene

● Drink Plenty of Water

It goes without saying that plenty of water intake boosts skin health. Dermatologists believe that choosing the right beverage will translate into better skin health. We recommend you to drink between 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. Drink about a half-liter of water in the morning when you wake up. It declutters your stomach from all kinds of toxins.

Drinking a glass of green juices with veggies makes for the perfect breakfast. You don’t need to have a cup of tea and coffee in the morning. They usually dehydrate your body, so replace them with healthy juices.

● Have a Skin Care Routine

Always have a skincare routine planned for the day. Don’t just randomly pick a product and start using it. Review customer reviews and see how a product works for them. Choose a single brand that resonates with your goals.

Buy a face wash, moisturizer, and a good quality serum for yourself. Wash your face twice a day since pollution is omnipresent. Despise using creams, as they can be damaging for pores. Embrace your natural skin color and focus on the texture of your face.

● Put on a Power Face Mask

Today, the market is flooded with tons of face masks that give an instant boost to your skin. A good quality mask can refresh your skin and open the blocked pores. Try an anti aging face mask if you’re in your 30s. It will help you feel better and improve your skin tone.

Face masks are usually infused with organic stuff that oxygenates the skin. Ensure to cleanse your face before putting the face mask on. A facemask before a summer holiday will be a delight for your skin.

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Photography by © by Catherine Harbour for BeautyScene

● Removing Makeup

After a long and tiring day, it will be super tempting to jump into bed without washing your face. However, you need to remove your makeup, as it is a good way to wake up to your natural self in the morning. It’s important to thoroughly clean your face and remove every bit of makeup from it.

Failing to do so will block your pores. Thus, you’ll make up zits and even acne spots. Use medicated wipes to remove wakeup, as they sanitize your skin.

● Using a Sunscreen

Apart from protecting your skin from UVA and UVB rays, sunscreen is the best anti-aging tool. It protects your skin against dark spots, wrinkles, and pigmentation. What’s more, it helps you keep away from skin cancer.

Especially if you live in a city with an extreme climate, using sunscreen becomes crucial. Settle for a sunscreen that offers SPF 50 or more. Additionally, look for sunscreen with a hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic formula. A good quality sunscreen will slow the aging process and make you look your best.

● Have a Double Cleanse Routine

As explained above, washing your face twice a day is good. Follow the two-step process. Always have an oil-based cleanser. A water-based cleaner should follow this. An oil-based cleanser is good for removing makeup from the face. However, it will eventually cause your skin to get dried.

The idea of double cleansing is good, as it leaves your face clean. It also opens up the clogged pores. Hence, making your skin look glowing and vibrant.

● Don’t Put Hands on Your Face

Our hands carry more germs than we think. So it’s better to keep them off your face. Every time you touch your face, it’s an opportunity for the germs to feed on your skin. Even if you feel like scratching your face, it’s best to do that with tissue paper on your finger.

Sanitize your hands well before doing your skincare routine. It’s a good way to take care of your overall health. The less you touch your face , the better it is for your skin health to flourish.

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