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How Coffee Can Improve Your Skin

Coffee has numerous benefits for the skin.

Coffee is known for its caffeine, delicious taste, and versatility when it comes to making beverages, but now it’s become known for something else. People around the world are using coffee as a part of their skincare regimen. You read that correctly. There is a trend that has coffee as not just a beverage we drink to start our day but as a face mask. Coffee has numerous benefits for the skin so, next time you’re about to sit down for your espresso, think of all the benefits of coffee and how it can also help to improve your skin.

Decrease Inflammation

A coffee mask is something you can easily make at home. When you mix coffee and olive oil, you get a serum that will help you decrease inflammation. The chlorogenic acid and melanoidins in coffee help reduce inflammation while aiding to reduce hyperpigmentation. If your skin is irritated, red, or inflamed, using a coffee mask just may help you get rid of what you are experiencing and provide healthier, less inflamed skin.


Applying coffee to your skin may reduce lines, sunspots, and redness. However, you don’t need to put the coffee on your face to see the benefits. According to Healthline, a study connected drinking coffee with a decrease in photoaging effects. While drinking coffee may help you stay looking young, applying it to the skin will help even more to reduce blemishes in your day-to-day life.

Acne Treatment

Coffee can even improve acne. When you have frequent skin infections or wounds from acne, the regular use of coffee as a skincare product may reduce and combat infections from harmful bacteria. Chlorogenic acids don’t just have anti-inflammatory properties, they also have antibacterial properties. If you use the natural exfoliating properties of coffee grounds, all the benefits will help you reduce acne and cultivate clearer skin.

Prevent Skin Cancer

Using coffee on your skin prevents cancer on it as well. It is a source of vitamin B3 because the chemical trigonelline breaks down into niacin during the coffee bean roasting process. Vitamin B3 is helpful when it comes to preventing melanoma skin cancer and other growths on the skin. Further research needs to be done, but it can help. It certainly won’t harm you or your skin. Since it is useful to prevent skin cancer, coffee also doubles as an after-sun treatment. Next time you go to the beach and get sunburnt, think about using coffee to soothe your skin.

Reduce Cellulite

Believe it or not, coffee can also be used to reduce cellulite. Cellulite is when the skin begins to appear curdled, typically in the thighs and arms. No one wants cellulite on their body and many people go through all kinds of methods to get rid of it. Who would have thought coffee is a way to reduce cellulite? Using a coffee scrub to exfoliate your skin dilates your blood vessels improves blood flow, reduces cellulite, and smooths out your skin in general.

Tighten & Calm Overall

The caffeine in coffee helps tighten your skin, helping you appear younger. Your skin will look better and clearer, but it also makes your skin calmer. With all the anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, coffee calms your skin and reduces irritation, redness, inflammation, blemishes, and other skin problems produced from the sun. If you want your skin to be simultaneously tighter and calmer, you should try using coffee in your skincare routine.

When you use coffee for your skin, you can utilize both brewed coffee liquid and the grounds after brewing to make skincare products. You can make an exfoliating scrub with the grounds and a liquid face mask with the liquid. You can also drink coffee for its benefits. There are even companies making products using coffee.

Whatever method you choose, if you are tired of having skin problems and want to find a new solution, coffee may just be that out-of-the-box idea that will help you clear up your skin, reduce inflammation, and look younger for longer. It may sound silly, but it is simply the truth. Coffee is a bean with all kinds of medicinal properties. It is no surprise that it also has skincare benefits. Is it time for you to add coffee to not just your morning, but to your skincare routine?

Images by Cathy Du for DSENE.

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