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Discover Azabache – a new fragrance by Pigmentarium and Arturo Obegero

©Pigmentarium x Arturo Obegero

Czech perfume house Pigmentarium and Paris-based designer Arturo Obegero teamed up and created a new limited edition fragrance – AZABACHE. The love of craftsmanship and appreciation of high-quality products brought together the two brands. The AZABACHE fragrance comes in black as night hand-painted bottle, and is designed to entice lovers – to trick the mind and charm the heart. Base notes are olibanum, civet, vetiver, and musk, with middle notes from rose de mai, turkish rose, and otto rose, and top notes by pink pepper, and verbena.


Scents and fragrances have always inspired part of my work, and this was a great opportunity for me to conjure emotions in a totally new way. A perfume can say a lot about someone. It’s an inherent part of your personality. It’s above all a weapon of mass seduction and a sort of love potion. Furthermore, collaborating with other young creatives is important to and for me. It was a pleasure to spend time designing this unique and captivating scent with Tomas and Jakub from Pigmentarium. We cannot wait for people to fall in love with it. – Arturo Obegero

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©Pigmentarium x Arturo Obegero

Flirt. At first, a duo of pink pepper and Verbena emanate from AZABACHE. Volatile and fresh, they suggest a whiff of excitement as something new and unusual is about to happen. Romance. Then, a trio of roses takes centre stage: the Rosa Centifolia, or Rose de Mai, along with the Turkish Rose, as well as essential oil from one of the rarest roses in the world, namely the Bulgarian Rosa Damascena otherwise known as Rose Otto. They form the heart of AZABACHE, embodying an alluring battle between love and passion as well as the promise of unforgettable romance. Lust. Finally, a quartet of Olibanum, Civet, Vetiver, and Musk reveal the mysterious and esoteric base of AZABACHE. They narrate the story of a forbidden promenade by the ocean, during which our most basic instincts emerge from a sense of danger.” – from Pigmentarium x Arturo Obegero

©Pigmentarium x Arturo Obegero

A perfumer’s creative inspiration can be anything, or anyone. For the new AZABACHE fragrance, it is the personality and work of Arturo Obegero, the founder of his namesake Paris-based fashion brand and a friend. This elegant perfume is a modern interpretation of perhaps the most classic olfactory element: roses. The result is a seductive and innocent, elegant and passionate, modern and classic, and fluid scent, embodying Arturo’s fashion collections. – Jakub F. Hiermann, co-Founder and Nose PIGMENTARIUM

The Azabache fragrance was launched on September 29th, online and in several exclusive boutiques.

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