Plain No More: 5 Ideas To Beautify A Tee

Listed below are the ideas on how you can beautify a tee

Plain No More 5 Ideas To Beautify A Tee

A plain T-shirt is one of the most basic staples that you should have in your wardrobe. This simple garment allows you to match your tee with any bottoms effortlessly, may it be funky or plain. However, some people might have one too many, making their wardrobe too simple and boring. Beautifying your tee would always be a fun idea to spice up their appearance.

If you’re ready to bid goodbye to a plain T-shirt, you should squeeze your creative juices so you can benefit the most from every fabric. That’ll help you have a unique piece that helps improve the appearance of your tees.

Moreover, listed below are the ideas on how you can beautify a tee:

  1. Personalize With Embroidery

Going for embroidery would never hurt whether planning to add a logo or create a statement design.

Furthermore, you don’t have to fret about its color fading as you’ll be sewing threads into the fabric, allowing yourself to create a beautiful design. If you’re feeling creative, you can choose to do it yourself and explore various sewing techniques.

Alternatively, going for machine embroidery will help to deliver more accurate and polished results. You can choose to purchase a machine or hire a service to create an expertly embroidered shirt. You can freely pick any thread color and allow your imagination to sewn into your plain T-shirt.

  1. Paint On Your Shirt

Why won’t you consider making your T-shirt your new canvas if you enjoy painting?

It’ll be a great and fun project that you can do, increasing your creativity skill while also allowing your T-shirt to be something else. Along with this, you can also learn to improve your T-shirt painting skills, which you can turn into a business if you have enough time on your hands.

When painting on your T-shirt, ensure that you use fabric paints as regular acrylic paint might wash off when you soak it in water. You can play with various colors, or you can mix and match them so you wouldn’t have to purchase too many colors, especially if you’re only planning to paint a single shirt. With this, you can guarantee that you’ll have a unique shirt that can express who you are and what you like.

  1. Make It A Pocket Tee

A plain T-shirt means that nothing is going on in every corner of the shirt. To keep the dull appearance away, you might want to turn it into a pocket tee for an added flair. Not only that you can keep it away from looking plain, but it can also serve as another storage area that allows you to keep small and light items with you. Moreover, you can also add accessories to your look to give it more definition.

There are various ways you can make a pocket tee. You can use a plain fabric or go for patterned ones like florals, polka, stripes, or plaid.

To save on fabric costs, you can use your old shirts and cut them into a pocket shape, and sew them directly to your shirt. With  plain white or black shirt, you can freely mix and match various fabric designs as they’ll usually go well with any color.

  1. Add A Collar

A plain T-shirt might look dull and lifeless to some people, especially if everything’s plain. To add some depth to your plain T-shirt and try to turn it into something new, you might want to add a collar to it. However, this will require you to purchase new fabric or use cloth from your old dress. More importantly, this will require good sewing skills to ensure a flawless output.

If you think collars on T-shirts are boring, think again. Luckily, you can play with various collar designs and colors to add to any plain T-shirt. You can allow your collars to highlight your clothes using contrasting colors. Moreover, you can also use various collar cutes such as triangular, plain, or curved. You can even add lace on top of it for an added flair.

Plain No More 5 Ideas To Beautify A Tee

  1. Play With Tie-Dye

If you have plenty of plain white T-shirts lying around, you might want to consider doing the tie-dye technique and allow your t-shirt to have fun new colors that’ll go well with any look you desire. Plus, this would be a fun activity that you can do at home to enjoy with kids and friends.

Tie-Dyeing your T-shirt is easy and fun. All you need to be doing is roll your T-shirt, use a rubber band to secure them well, and use it as a guide about where you’ll be adding your tie-dyed inks. You can use various colors or a single color for a minimalist effect.

With this project, you can allow your plain T-shirt to be something else.

The Verdict

Having a plain T-shirt might look boring, especially if you have plenty lying around.

As you style your shirt, you can make a unique piece that you’ll always be proud to wear wherever you go. You can even use this experience to create a new business that’ll help you earn more during your spare time.

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