Fashion Forward Engagement Ring Styles

If you’re looking for more fashion-forward ideas for an engagement ring, keep reading for some fresh inspo

Photography by ©Nicolas Burri for Beautyscene

Whether you’re daydreaming, window shopping, adding your most coveted engagement ring styles to your wedding Pinterest board, or seriously on the hunt for the stone you’ll propose to your sweetheart, you may be over the traditional styles of engagement rings. An engagement ring is more than just your symbol of a promise to be true to your one and only – it’s a statement piece of jewelry that will be worn, most likely, for the rest of your life and every day. With that in mind, many sartorially minded individuals could be looking for an engagement ring that conveys their betrothal and their sense of style. If you’re looking for more fashion-forward ideas for an engagement ring, keep reading for some fresh inspo.

You & Me Rings

The You and Me ring style is making serious headway on the engagement ring scene and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Don’t worry; this is still an option if you’re a trendsetter, as it isn’t quite a mainstream pick. The You and me is a twist on the traditional engagement ring as it features your traditional white diamond set next to another stone in a different cut and color. You and me rings are particularly dazzling with bright second stones like emeralds or sapphires. Some people opt for a yellow, pink, or salt and pepper diamond to sit beside the white diamond. No matter what second stone you choose, this romantic nod to the two of you, side by side forever, is a whimsical choice.

Black Diamonds

Think of a more iconic look worn by more fashion designers than the classic black t-shirt and perfectly fitting, well-worn denim jeans? You’ll be hard-pressed to find one. What about a more versatile clothing item than the Little Black Dress? The fact is, black is beloved by fashion enthusiasts for a reason; it goes phenomenally with anything and is always chic. If you’re a lover of all things black, opting for a black engagement ring is a choice from which you won’t look back. You can still go with a traditional style like marquis, emerald, or circle cut engagement rings; just make your main stone a bold, black diamond.

Photography by ©Nicolas Burri for Beautyscene

Romantic Pearls

For many cultures and reasons, pearls have been used as engagement rings throughout history. The pearl symbolizes purity and wisdom gained through the years and is believed to offer protection to the wearer. Additionally, pearls are thought to bring good luck and wealth. Who doesn’t dream of a marriage filled with all the above-mentioned things? Add to that, and they have an ethereal, innately romantic quality that diamonds just don’t possess, and you can see why they make an ideal choice for a more fashion-forward engagement ring than a white diamond. While pearls aren’t as strong as diamonds and require a little more TLC, you’ll want to keep that in mind if you go in this direction. They require regular cleaning, and you’ll want to remove your pearl ring before handwashing, bathing, and other activities where it could be damaged. Small price to pay for such a beautiful ring, though.


If you’ve got your heart set on a big diamond and also consider yourself a lover of all things feminine, Morganite is worth looking into. Traditional Earth mined diamonds are really expensive, even when you’re in the one-carat ballpark, which is why more and more couples are going the route of diamond alternatives. In addition to lab-grown diamonds or Moissanite, the stone Morganite is not only affordable but its peachy and pink hues make it perfect for the cliche blushing bride. Even several carats of Morganite stones are budget-friendly, and the stone’s colors are beautiful, set in rose gold, white or yellow gold. Morganite also looks amazing, flanked by smaller white diamond side stones.

Shopping for an engagement ring is an exciting experience. After all, this piece will be worn for the rest of your life, so you need to love it. If the traditional selection of engagement rings isn’t revving your engagement engine, look at some of the above-mentioned more fashion-forward styles of engagement rings, you won’t be disappointed! Congratulations and cheers to your beautiful future!

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