Create the Perfect Home Gym With These Tips

With a home gym, just put on your workout clothes and walk to where you have your gym set up

Create the Perfect Home Gym With These Tips

There are many reasons that women fail to reach their fitness goals, but if you create a home gym, you can remove many of the barriers that keep women from success. One of the issues we’ve discussed before, especially for busy moms, is that their schedules are too busy to give them the time they need to go to the gym. By creating a home gym, you remove the barrier of needing to get up, get dressed, get everything ready for work, get in the car, then head to the gym, and get everything settled so you can finally start working out. With a home gym, just put on your workout clothes and walk to where you have your gym set up.

Pick a Spot

You need a dedicated space for your home gym. Whether you take over a large storage closet, create a corner in your basement, convert your garage, or get a Conex box to put in your backyard, there are plenty of ways to gain space or use space you already have for your home gym. If your home is truly lacking in space, you’ll need to add it somewhere else. Invest in something like a shed or storage container that can be easily updated to use as a home gym. They are air tight and will keep you out of the elements on cold or rainy days. The bad weather will no longer be a good excuse for you not to exercise.

Create the Perfect Home Gym With These Tips

Add Cushioned Flooring

Working out in a gym is convenient because they already have the optimal environment created for you to workout in. One of the features of a gym is cushioned flooring. When you are doing HIIT exercises or lifting weights, it can put a lot of pressure on your knees and other joints. Cushioned flooring is important because it helps absorb some of the stress so that your body doesn’t have to. This protects you from injury and makes it possible for you to continue working toward your fitness goals.

Choose Gym Equipment You’ll Use

While it might be tempting to create a home gym just like everyone else’s, it’s important to create a gym with equipment you want to use. Just because everyone else is getting a Peloton, doesn’t mean you need one. If you hate cycling, don’t waste your money on it. But if you love it, invest in gym equipment that you’ll enjoy using and that will last. A good gym should incorporate a combination of strength training and cardiovascular equipment.

A treadmill, rowing machine, or elliptical are three great options for improving your cardiovascular health. Resistance bands, weights, kettlebells, and bodyweight equipment are all different options to help you build strength. A simple chin-up bar and workout bench can both be used in countless ways to help you increase your muscle mass. It’s important to develop a home gym based around your goals and your likes.

Create the Perfect Home Gym With These Tips

Make it Feel Warm and Inviting

A cold, dark basement is not going to feel very friendly. In fact, that kind of environment will make you less likely to workout. No matter what space you’re working in, make it feel bright, warm, and inviting. You can do this by painting the walls, adding in a lot of bright light fixtures, and even adding windows where needed. Letting in as much light as possible will help you want to be in that space to workout. You can also add in space heaters and fans to ensure your home gym is just the right temperature for you.

Add a TV

Sometimes you just want to watch Netflix and chill. Well, if you have your heart set on watching your favorite streaming dramas, you can still do it and get in a workout. There is no need to sacrifice one for the other. Simply install a TV in your home gym in a spot where you can see and hear it from everywhere. This has the added benefit of offering more workout options. You can stream videos from different workouts and create variety so you don’t get bored. The great thing about a TV is that it can also play music and show your favorite movies. Mount one on the wall to keep it out of the way and to save space.

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