Top Two Reasons Moms Fall Short On Health And Fitness Goals

Read on to find out how to overcome these obstacles and get back on track

Top Two Reasons Moms Fall Short On Health And Fitness Goals

Keeping your health in tip-top shape is challenging for everyone, yet you somehow managed to develop a system that worked. You were mindful of what you ate, worked out several times a week, indulging in activities that brought you happiness, and went to bed at a reasonable hour. Now that you have kids keeping up with these lifestyle habits is challenging. Although there are several reasons you fall short of your health and fitness goals, two culprits are at the top of the list. Fortunately, there are ways to overcome these obstacles and get back on track. Continue reading to learn more.

Busy Schedules

Where in the world do you find the time to prepare healthy meals, exercise, do things you enjoy, or get to sleep at a decent hour? Most moms would agree that taking care of their kids’ needs consumes a great deal of their day. You get everyone prepared for daycare or school, work eight hours or longer, prepare dinner, get the kids ready for bed, tend to household chores, and so much more. Some days, you’re lucky if you have enough time to drink a cup of coffee and eat a piece of toast without some form of interruption.

Although you can’t add hours to a day, there are things you can do to free up some time for health and wellness. If “adulting” and parental responsibilities are a problem for you, consider these tips listed below:

  • Create Routines – Develop personal and family routines that ease your stress and create time for healthy lifestyle habits. You can maximize your time best by incorporating some structure into your day. Evaluate your list of tasks and responsibilities. Then decide the best time for these tasks to be completed. Breaking your days into morning, afternoon, and evening routines makes things a lot easier.
  • Learn To Say No – You want to do and be everything for your family, but it makes being there for yourself more challenging. If you have too many things to handle, perhaps it’s time to reevaluate. Learn how to say no to things that are conducive to your happiness and quality of life.
  • Shortcuts and Resources – Moms can further simplify their lives by utilizing shortcuts and other resources. For example, if cooking at home takes a bunch of your time, meal prepping or meal delivery kits can save you time in the kitchen. If you’re simply having a hard time with getting and staying on track, there are fitness products and resources you can purchase.

Top Two Reasons Moms Fall Short On Health And Fitness Goals

Lack Of Support

If you’re going to accomplish your health and fitness goals,  you need physical and emotional support. You need people in your corner who understand your need to be healthy and willing to help you reach milestones. While this doesn’t come easy for all women, here are some supportive resources to consider.

  • Family And Friends – One of the first places you should turn for physical and emotional support during your health and wellness journey is your friends and family. They know and care for you and your children best, which means they’re most likely to assist. You can ask relatives or close friends to help with extracurricular activities, meal times, or watching the kids while you tend to your needs.
  • Gyms – Believe it or not, gyms have plenty of resources to help women reach their health and fitness goals. Search for a gym with childcare, personal trainers, fitness classes, and nutritional programs. You can work out this way while someone watches your kids and get assistance with everyday health and fitness obstacles from experts.
  • Support Groups – Devoting your life to health and wellness is just as mental as it is physical. If you’re struggling with other areas of your life or simply like surrounding yourself with like-minded people, join a support group for mothers. Here you’ll find a group of women you can express your feelings and experiences with that can relate. You can get advice and even make a few new friends that you can spend time with.

Top Two Reasons Moms Fall Short On Health And Fitness Goals

It’s not easy maintaining a healthy lifestyle. For women that are also mothers, the journey to wellness is even more challenging. Although it comes with the territory, there are things you can do to prioritize your needs. Once you’ve maximized your time and found physical and emotional support, you’ll find that accomplishing your goals is easier to manage.

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