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Diptyque’s Café Verlet Collection: A Gourmet Candle Experience

Courtesy of Diptyque

Diptyque presents an innovative addition to its lineup of fragrances, offering a delightful range of gourmet scents. Transport yourself to the cozy ambiance of a Parisian café as iconic home fragrance pioneer collaborates exclusively with Café Verlet, infusing its classic candle collection with the irresistible aromas of sweet delicacies. Experience the essence of Parisian charm with four fragrances: Café, Chantilly, Biscuit, and Fruits Confits.


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Since 1963, Diptyque has been known for captivating scents. This collaboration merges the artisanal expertise of Café Verlet, Paris’s oldest coffee supplier, with Diptyque’s fragrance mastery. Together, they offer an immersive sensory experience, bringing Café Verlet’s rich flavors and enticing scents to your home.

Courtesy of Diptyque

Each candle in this collection is carefully crafted to evoke the essence of Café Verlet’s menu offerings. From the robust aroma of roasted coffee beans in the Café candle to the velvety sweetness of whipped cream in Chantilly, each fragrance assures to evoke a sense of escapism. British illustrator Clym Evernden‘s imaginative drawings add an artistic flourish to the collection. He lends his creative touch to Diptyque’s labels, vessels, and boxes, transforming them into captivating pieces. Through his spontaneous and imaginative drawings, Evernden crafts a charming tale, where Café Verlet’s facades mirror the original Diptyque boutique. With subtle nods to candle scents infused with British humor and a hint of poetry, his illustrations enhance the collection’s character.

Courtesy of Diptyque

These gourmet candles from Diptyque and Café Verlet pay homage to sweetness, commemorating the senses and the sophistication of Paris. Available from April 2nd, treat yourself to these curated candles designed to elevate your everyday moments into pure indulgence.

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