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Giorgio Armani Eye & Brow Maestro

Giorgio Armani Eye & Brow Maestro

EYE & BROW MAESTRO is the first Giorgio Armani Beauty eye shadow cream. Inspired by backstage makeup and developed using cutting-edge technology, Eye & Brow Maestro can be used as an eye liner, eyeshadow or eyebrow pencil. It can even sculpt the face or be used to color the hair line.

A new way of seeing makeup, Eye & Brow Maestro is an innovative, multi-use product that changes the rules of makeup. Linda Cantello and Giorgio Armani Beauty laboratories drew their inspiration from hairdressers and colorists. Colored glass and mica pearls, used as pigments, and translucent pearlizers are modeled after the glossy shine and translucency from hair coloring.

“It’s the colors and texture that make this genuinely multi-usage product special. All shades can be used on eyebrows, hair, and Eye &Brow Maestro shade 5 as contouring,” explains Linda Cantello.

The results are amazing and incredibly innovative. There are nine shades that look like something out of a hair salon – subtle, slightly iridescent tones of blond, dark blond, light brown, brown and even auburn. A gorgeous gold shade was also added for evening sophistication.

At last, women have an all-in-one makeup product that amplifies the natural beauty of their eyelids and their eyebrows, is easy to work with and has real staying power with a waterproof formula lasting 20 hours. Eye & Brow Maestro reinforces the natural beauty of the eyes in one gesture. Expression is enhanced, emotion is stronger and presence is magnified.

Eye & Brow Maestro ($34.00) (New, Permanent)

  • Black (01)
  • Dark Brown (02)
  • Red (03)
  • Medium Brown (04)
  • Light Brown (05)
  • Medium Blonde (06)
  • Light Blonde (07)
  • Grey (08)
  • Gold (09)

Eye & Brow Maestro Brush ($32.00) (New, Permanent)

Giorgio Armani Beauty laboratories have designed the ideal partner for Eye & Brow Maestro: an original makeup accessory inspired by professional application techniques. One end features an eyebrow brush to shape the eyebrows. The other is a flat angled brush used for precise makeup application along the lash line or on the eyelid for buildable coverage. Anyone can work like a makeup artist and create a personalized makeup.

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