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The big question: should you be using mineral makeup?


Putting makeup on your face can sometimes feel a bit like a game of Russian roulette – with a flick of lipstick or a helping of foundation, you take the gamble of making your appearance far worse.

You can see these style losers on the street every day.

They walk past you with more foundation than Katie Price in a TOWIE special, and lipstick so fluorescent that Men at Work signs seem to magnetise towards them. As these disaster zones pass you by, you know it’s only when they look in a mirror that they’ll realise their fatal fashion faux pas. That doesn’t mean there aren’t products perfect for those who want to add some class to their appearance. Taking strides ahead of the pack is mineral powder makeup, a specially crafted formula providing users with a lighter touch.


The magic of minerals

But what exactly is mineral powder? Essentially, it’s a series of natural minerals, talc and various oxides and dioxides crushed into a fine powder (with minimal processing) for cosmetic use. Its inherently natural ingredients have made it sought-after amongst Hollywood elites and makeup artists alike. Without the toxins of more traditional makeup, it’s far healthier for your skin and less likely to bring sensitive pores out in rashes or nasty marks. More than this, the mixture also combats UV rays, effectively doubling up as a mild alternative to suntan lotion. While you should apply sunblock nonetheless, it’s reassuring to know that your makeup is helping you in other ways.

The natural market

These natural benefits aren’t the only reason that women are flocking towards this wonder cosmetic. In terms of style, mineral makeup is far more subtle. Instead of piling the foundation on with an orange hue brighter than a Holland game, it lends your face lighter shading. It’s a case of less is more. Indeed, it seems like the tides are turning for the cosmetic industry’s attitude to organic and naturally made products. With the continued success of “ethical” makeup branches like Lush, purer ingredients are making shoddier, processed alternatives persona non grata in the fashion world. Natural is the buzzword for any product, and mineral makeup is reaping the rewards.

So, the take-home message is this – with mineral products you’ll end up with better skin and superior style. So give it a go to avoid your morning routine of Russian roulette.

Nigel Lew

For LUST and LASHES by Nigel Lew for BEAUTY SCENE

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