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SUMMER BEAUTY: The Timeless Essentials

summer beauty

Summers beauty’s wardrobe of SPFs, after suns and sheeny, bare legs bronzers need not be boxed up even if we never leave for a vacation this summer. Beauty Editor Juliette Picard highlights the essential beauty items to carry you with skin-care throughout the whole year.

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The Skin Saving Supplement

Vacation is is always drier, and for many this only gets worse as temperatures go down. Taking Omega oils can actually be a true game changer, as they ensure a healthy cell membrane and a strong skin barrier.  Fish oils are gaining in popularity, but as the fish get the omega 3 from eating algae, going to the source is far more effective. Thus we are seeing a surge in algae-related beauty and wellness products taking their reign on the ‘omega scene’. Big reason in such surge is the fact algae are far more pure and far more environmentally friendly.

Beauty Scene recommends Estora Omega 11 Algae, $39.99

The Luxurious Body Treat

Hardly anything gives skin the same soft suppleness that using an oil does, making it an essential for a sea and sun parched body. This sustainability crafted, natural oil – comprising three healing raising and oils from the Ämazon fores, has a light, silky texture and incredible scent. Crated by Fracisco Costa the ex-creative director of Calvin Klein Collection womenswear line, it goes without mention it looks stunning as well. Perfct to give you that pumped, sheeny glow, all year round.

Costa Brazil Kaya Jungle Firming Body Oil $249

The Scent of Summer and So Much More

Fresh scented, warm weather fragrances are one of the first things to go when the seasons cool and fade. However if you ask any better perfumer, we are actually taking that approach wrong! Perfumers are a big fans of refreshing and crisp scents in cold weather. That gives us a great excuse to keep wearing this truly stunning blend of jasmine, citrus and neroli in both sun and snow.


Chanel Paris Riviera Eau De Toilette, $130

The Natural Skin Plumper

Skin can be too reactive, oily or flaky, but never too hydrated. And dehydration can be the cause of everything from accelerated ageing to sensitivity. Our skin is even more prompt to such symptoms of stress in this difficult time of Covid19 crisis. Massive factors are increased stress and unparalleled amount of time we spent inside due to the various lock down measures. This ethically sourced, natural blend of stabilised vitamin C, mini and micro hyaluronic acid, to hydrate on many levels in the skin, pre and pro biotics and gentle exfoliants is more than your average skin plumping serum. Use daily, however especially in high stress, or hopefully soon flight, post beach and before a party.


Vintner’s Daughter Active Treatment Essences, $225

The After Sun Replenisher

Leading skin scientists share that after suns were the unsung heroes of skincare as, packed with anti inflammatories and antioxidants, they cooled, calmed and repaired. So we really should be using them after sun bathing to help right the wrongs of time in the sun. With the skin healing proprieties of the famous La Mer miracle broth in a sheeny, textured, deluxe body cream, what makes this after sun stand out is the incredible air brushed quality it gives to skin.


La Mer The After Sun Enhancer, $135

The Year Round Bare Skin Essential

This smart blend of colour, sheen and shimmer with firming and toning ingredients is a summer beauty staple. And ready for fall, winter and spring. See it as a spar treatment in a bottle for bare limbs, as it instantly makes  dull, pasty fresh look polished and glowing.



Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel Body, $56.25

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