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Yves Saint Laurent Parisian Night Collection


Paris at night, a time to party. From the Rive Gauche to the Rive Droite, the YSL woman plunges into late, late nights and merges with the colours of a Parisian soirée. A lover’s encounter, a wildly beating heart. An unexpected ardor in the city’s winter lights. Her eyes sparkle with a romantic glow, her complexion simmers with passionate pink. Her lips smile with the colour of a French kiss. Until dawn, she indulges the impulse to play and love. She sees life through rose-coloured glasses. The rose of Saint Laurent.

Face of the advertising campaign is beautifu Lindsey Wixson.

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Yves Saint Laurent Parisian Night Collection for Holiday 2013 includes :

  • Palette Rue de Babylone – Limited Edition – $50.00
  • Pure Chromatics Wet & Dry Eyeshadow Palette – Limited Edition – $55.00
  • Baby Foll Eyeliner – Limited Edition
  • Rouge Pur Couture – $34.00
  • Rouge Volupte Shine Rose Passion – $34.00
  • Rebel Nudes Glossy
  • La Lacquer Couture – $25.00

Source: The Citizens of Fashion

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